here comes the bride

I know, this is so late since Here Comes the Bride came out in cinemas last 2010. But movies never get old, right? So it’s alright to have a review on it since I watched it in Cinema One just recently. Actually, I already watched it during its showing time but I watched it again because first, I have nothing to do, second, I’m looking for something to watch, third, Cinema One caught me and fourth, it’s worth watching!

From the title itself, we may conclude that the story has something to do with wedding and from the movie poster itself, we can tell that Angelica Panganiban is the bride. Are you really sure? What if I tell you that John Lapus’ character was the bride and Angelica Panganiban’s character was a godmother? You have to believe me because it is somewhat true! Owing to the fact that our five stars here, Stephanie, played by Angelica Panganiban, Precy, played by Eugene Domingo, Toffee, played by John Lapus, Medelyn, played by Tuesday Vargas and Bien, played by Jaime Fabregas switch bodies through an accident on top of a magnetic hill and under an eclipse, Here Comes the Bride gave its audience a great story. I admire its writer, Chris Martinez, who is also its director, for making a unique, and at the same time, crazy plot with full of gags – the reason why it’s worth watching, as I said earlier. No matter how many times you repeat it, you laugh all over again because of how effective the acting skills of the actors are.

Speaking of the celebrities who gave life to the characters, I would love to praise them one by one. Stephanie is a shy type of bride, but after the accident, their image stylist Toffee transferred into her body. Wow! Just wow! Angelica Panganiban accepted a gay role, huh? With that idea only, she absolutely deserve an applause. On the other hand, Precy is a rude judge who was picked to be a godmother, but after the accident, the bride Stephanie transferred int her body. We already know the capability of a Eugene Domingo when it comes to comedy. A Pinoy comedy film won’t be hilarious without her. Let’s go to Medelyn, a patient yaya who takes care of the spoiled ring bearer and also the body wherein Precy’s soul reside. Tuesday Vargas also did a great job for switching roles from a good one to an ill-mannered one. I tell you, it was difficult for an actress. Bien is the groom’s grandfather who is also a pervert while Toffee is a beautician who wants to be a girl. Okay, these two also gave color to the movie. I must say that Jaime Fabregas is the actor who is confident in different genres. I was surprised that he had a great outcome in comedy as he acts as a lady with provincial accent when Medelyn’s soul came into his body. I heard that he received an award for this role. He deserve it! Now, we have to discuss about John Lapus. Imagine his role after the accident was Bien’s! You won’t be able to count the number of times you’ll laugh out loud as he acts like he’s into women’s body. And oh, before I forgot, let’s add Tom Rodriguez into the discussion because he’s just so handsome!

When I’m making a review, I usually state the best scene of the movie. But now, I can’t pick a best scene because the whole movie was equally perfect and there are no dull moments. I mean, it’s really funny from the start to the end. Here Comes the Bride is one of the best comedies I’ve seen!