Before, I planned reading He’s Into Her but I dismissed the thought when I saw its tenth book. Men, I’m not going to buy ten books or more for a Wattpad story! And for those who are saying that I can read it on Wattpad app, I don’t have Wattpad on my phone because I’m not a fan of reading long texts on phone. But its readers built the curiosity in me as I spotted them talking about He’s Into Her on the comment box of Facebook secret files pages. They say that a story there sounds similar to He’s Into Her. In another post, they say that the character in the story posted acts like Maxpein. And I also caught comments saying that He’s Into Her is the best Wattpad story. I’ve seen a lot of comments talking about this Wattpad story from different Facebook posts that’s why eventually, I saw myself downloading the Wattpad app.

At first, I actually thought that it’s just like the usual Wattpad story we encounter because of these three cliches. One, Deib, the male lead, is the rich son of Brint International School, the school where the protagonists study. He was the school heartthrob, together with his two best friends, Lee and Tob. Two, Maxpein or Max, the female lead, was the one being bullied by the students of the said school. And three, Deib and Max were originally enemies before being a couple. I even discern Boys Over Flowers in He’s Into Her and the author admits it.

However, as I proceeded to the chapters, I found out why people like it and consider it as the best story in Wattpad. Despite of the cliche background, I’m surprised that it has unexpected scenes and full of mysteries which is different from the usual Wattpad story. Readers will really wonder on the true identity of Max and on the reason behind the phenomenon that’s happening around BIS. And I must say that the author deserves to be called professional as she clearly and smoothly explains the answers to these mysteries. And oh! I never saw a woman as cool as Max!

With this, I want to share my favorite He’s Into Her Scenes. I really laughed when Deib was trying to forget the name Max when a homeless kid sold him a candy. He asked what candy it is and the kid answered, “Maxx po.” and afterwards, he heard two ladies deciding on where they’ll take their lunch when one suggested Max’s. Hey! That was funny! I also burst out laughing when Deib and Lee were buying a pillow for Max and the two were scrambling over the blue pillow. Tob told them that Max’s favorite colors are black and white so Lee bought white and Deib bought black. When they finally gave it to Max, she asked why they gave black and white and told them that her favorite color is blue. Oh poor Tob, you’re dead!

Although, there are still things to improve and this includes the unnecessary scenes I have to skip and the author has to omit. It’s like the feeling when you are in the momentum of finding the answers to the mysteries of this book yet there are insignificant events that keeps on bothering you and takes your time. Moreover, the story frequently changes POV causing it to repeat some scenes to explain the side of the other character. I hope the author know that she can write this whole book without changing point of views to avoid confusion on the readers’ part.

Nevertheless, I can’t deny the fact that she impressed me on the way she writes. She is aware of what she is writing from the simple things like medical words to the advice she tells to her readers through the characters. As you will see, the intelligent Max gives advice about studies and Manang gives advice about love. I can’t help but compare the author, Maxine Lat Calibuso to Shiela May Familaran of Montello High for they are both brilliant writers.

Before I finish this review, I want to apologize about the inverted book in the photo above. I noticed it just now. And maybe you’re asking why the book is still covered. Well, as I said, I read His Into Her on my Wattpad app and I don’t have the complete set. I just have the book ten of the second season because my classmate gave it to me as a birthday present.

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