How Does Poem Affect Me

As the term ends, we are also bound to our last journal entry in our Literature class. We are tasked to Identify real-life situations where we can apply one lesson discussed in class in order to achieve our goal. Recalling what we did throughout the term, we talked about the creation of the world, Filipino folk epics such as Tungkung Langit and Alunsina, Tarangban: The Adventures of Humadapnon, Tikum Kadlum and Amburukay, short stories such as Araby and The Most Handsome Drowned Man, novels such as Smaller and Smaller Circles, theater play such as Ang Pag-uusig and Marjorie and poems such as bugtong and tanaga. Honestly, I can’t choose one lesson because all of these had an impact in my life. But among these, I focused on poem because it’s my buddy even before HUMALIT. Here are the ten ways how poem affected me.


1. With all those research papers, school requirements and business complications, sometimes, all I need is a set of poem to at least refrain from these workload, release my stress and relax. Whenever I read poems, especially those which convey a story, I feel I’m immersed to every detail of the story to the point that my surroundings seem to be disappearing.


2. It doesn’t only comforts us but it also comforts our friends, too. There’s an instance when I was with a lonely friend who smiled when I read her a line from a poem by R.H. Sin. Just imagine us sitting under the stars when I told her that “You only lose people who weren’t meant to stay. Their absence is to make room for something better.” Isn’t that beautiful?


3. It’s hard to express your feelings to someone you love, especially when you are shy. But for me, the awkwardness lessens when I express it through poems. It’s like I told my feelings indirectly and directly at the same time. Therefore, during special days, I recite poems during conversations and write poem lines for my loved ones.


4. Reading poems expands my vocabulary, which eventually influences my performance in a workplace. People who have skillful communication and fluent speaking skills tend to be promoted faster than those who vocabulary limitation and lack of awareness in literature.


5. Poems contain a lot of imagery as what we have discussed in class. And that imagery widens my imagination to the point that I can produce a story of my own or even a tangible material. When we were making our final project, I realized that through poems, I can make products that are inspired by the poems I read.


6. And because I’m becoming inspired, my ability is not only limited to making stories in my mind or creating products out of these poems. But also, I can also make another poem which is now related to my experiences. Basically, reading and writing poem becomes my way of meditating the events that happened in my life.


7. People can learn a lot of useful knowledge in poetry. It helps us to be more understanding about life, society, nature, history, human psychology, geography, traditions and things like that. And because of these knowledge, I was able to solve challenges that I face in the future.


8. Poems gave us a lot of friends. In my case, I didn’t meet friends through poems but I got close to my friends before. I have this classmate who was into literature and before, we are just friends or maybe, acquaintances. And then one day, we talked about poems and I eventually got close to her. I’m so happy that there is someone that can understand this part of me.


9. Poem challenges my creativity, especially when we were tasked to create bugtong and tanaga. If you think about their pattern, a stanza that will also serve as a puzzle to be solved and a stanza that follows seven syllables for each lines, that’s hard! But I did it and I’m hoping that this creativity will continue through making blog posts here.


10. I’m actually exposed to a world where people believe that you can’t make money through art. Actually, one reason why I took Economics is my parents. We know that poem is an art. And reading upon the stories of the authors, I proved them that even they are into arts, they are successful in life and make money out of their passion. Now, I’m inspired!

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