Recently, I published a post tackling about the Problems Only Dog Owners Understand. However, posting this doesn’t mean our dogs only contribute problems to us, dog owners. In fact, the good things they give us is even greater to the point that they were able to change our lives. Therefore, your relationship with your pets is a two-way benefit. Adopting a pet does not only help them live but it also improve the way we live. Not convinced? Well, you have to check out these scientifically-proven ways of how pets improve our lives.


Makes us Loyal

With that cuteness overloaded in our little buddy, for sure, we can’t leave them. But seriously, we become loyal to our pets because they offer the same loyalty to us. I remember when my family had a Dalmatian, which we sold for some reason in our town. Then after two days, we were surprised for his return. Imagine! He came back alone without his new master’s notice. That’s what we call loyalty. And we are influenced with that loyalty because of the love we build with them.


Makes us Responsible

Admit it. Having a pet is not an easy task. It’s like having a child when it comes to responsibility. We have to bathe them, feed them, groom them, clean their waste, make them healthy and take care of them. That’s actually a good training on becoming responsible not just in your pet but on all things. A person who is responsible can definitely enjoy the rewards of a clean relationship with others. Thanks to furry buddy!


Makes us Compassionate

In Facebook, I always see animals who are treated improperly like hitting them due to careless driving, abandoned pets, abusing animals and the like. And that makes me cry unconsciously. I know my fellow pet lovers feel the same way when they see events like this. That’s because you are concern about the victim. This may seem a little thing but it’s already a compassion in action. It’s a admirable trait to have because it shows that you truly care.


Makes us Sociable

Adopting a pet means getting to interact with them and engaging with their activities. They love to exercise and play so with them, you will definitely learn to have fun outdoors. Of course, they meet new furry friends who has their respective masters. As your pets are getting friendly with their newly-found friends, you are also having the chance to be sociable with their masters. Your pet becomes your bridge for you to meet new friends.


Releases our Stress

We sometimes go home from work or school stressed, tired and drained but all these comes out whenever our pets welcome us with their sweet licks, wet noses, wagging tails and happy jumps. From there, our pets can already reduce our stress. I don’t know but it seems that they have the power to transfer their happiness and positivism to us in an instant. This is the reason why dogs, together with other pets, are considered as man’s best friend.