How To Make Filipino Fried Peanuts

I bet you’re gonna ask why I made this blog post. It’s just fried peanuts. It’s simple to make. Everybody knows how to cook this without relying on a recipe like this. Yeah! I know all of that. But I created this post because I want to feature the Philippine Street Foods and I require myself to post recipes of each of them, which includes this. We, Filipinos, surely know how to make fried peanuts, but foreigners are not aware how it is done by the Filipinos. I think this is a good way to introduce our food to the world regardless of its simplicity. So here it goes.


1. Prepare all the ingredients needed. This includes, of course, peanuts, salt and oil. The usual fried peanuts seen in the streets of the Philippines have onions, but by the time we made this, we don’t have onions. Sorry!


2. Place a pan of cooking oil on a medium heat.


3. When the oil starts bubbling, add the peanuts. When you have onions, you place in chopped onions first.


4. Deep-fry and stir gradually. It’s as simple as that.


5. When it’s cooked, filter them out from the oil. To know if it is already cooked or not, we usually try a nut.


6. Sprinkle salt to add flavor.


7. Your fried peanuts are now done and ready to be eaten. In the Philippines, we throw it upwards and catch it with our mouth.

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