I often receive compliments about how good and quick I am in memorizing things. I just smile as an answer while in my head, I disagree because I only have techniques that makes it easy for me to do that. And since I lived 20 years of my life in school studying, I think I’ve collected a bunch of techniques already on how to put the lesson in my mind. I’m graduating soon so I think, it is time to pass on and share the techniques I know in memorizing things quickly.



Repetition is the key to memorization. When you keep on saying a word or a group of words, your mind will also repeat those words with you until your mind will keep it. Come to think of this. During the first day of school, you are not aware of the prayer. But since your class always recites it every morning, you already memorized it by the end of the term.



I learned this technique now that I’m in college because I write the lessons thrice. I’m not insane. Let’s just say that I’m super organized. I first write the lesson on a scratch paper then rewrite it on my notebook to avoid erasures. And before the examinations, I’ll rewrite it for my reviewer. It’s effective! I even remember where in the paper a thing is written.


Know the Keywords

Well, aside from repetition, distinguishing the keywords is also a key, especially in memorizing definitions for identification or multiple choice. You never know what may come out in the quiz. It may be that keyword so that’s an instant hint!


Get the Acronyms

This one’s a life saver! Ever since grade school, I’m using this technique since ever since grade school, there exist a thing called enumeration in the exam. All you have to do is to get the initial letters of each, keep the acronyms in mind and you will easily recall the things on the list.



I remember I was in theater club when I was in middle school. This means that I have a lot of lines to memorize. We also had to declaim for casting auditions and I was having a hard time because we only have an hour to memorize. Well, the greatest tip in this kind of scenario is by recording the entire piece, of course, with proper intonation already.



I don’t do this technique but for sure, this will greatly help you in recalling the definition of a word since our minds are more attracted to figures than to words. For example, you have the word mitochondria in your lesson, draw a powerhouse then. When you take your exam, you will remember that you drew a powerhouse because of mitochondria.


Add Tune

It is already proven that our brain responds better to a group of words with a tune than a group of words without it. This explains why we sung the alphabet song when we were kids than just reciting it. However, I only realized this when someone taught me the song that consists all of the books of the New Testament. It works!


Give it a Definition

Give the word another definition or make a story out of it that only can understand. It actually works best when remembering dates. Let’s take Jose Rizal’s birthday, June 19, 1861. Oh! June 19 is the date of our anniversary. Eighteen is my birthday. Therefore, Rizal’s birthday is the combination of our anniversary, my birthday and 61. Something like that!


Post Sticky Notes

I’m not a fan of this technique but I see my friends really comfortable using this. They write one word and its definition for each sticky notes and post it on the four walls of their room until everything they see is the stuff they discussed in class. Then, the first thing they will see in the morning is their professor’s lectures. That’s how they memorize!



I realized that I already gathered nine techniques along the way but I want it to be ten for this blog post. And all I could think is this technique – pray. As what Alma Moreno said, “Dasal lang. Dasal lang talaga.” However, we don’t have to depend everything to God so we still have to study.