How To Wear Lace


Lace, crochet, embroidery – no matter what you call this material, it will forever be an essential in the fashion world, particularly on ladies! Who would have thought that our grandma’s needlework can catch this generation’s eyes and use them as part of their attires. Well, apart from the fact that it gives feminine flair to our OOTDs, its complicatedly yet uniquely beautiful design is versatile to any fashion trend, may it be formal like my dress in the above photo, street style, hippie or casual like what’s in the OOTD ideas to follow. Scroll through for these easy outfit formulas and let’s rock lace today.


Lace Top


I can’t help but admire this top. Just look at its intricate designs. So fascinating! This is what embroidery can do on our clothes. It transforms ordinary to fancy! So I suggest that you should definitely have this material on your closets. It’s a must-have, you know. Besides, this essential is not really difficult to wear since it is flexible with the other types of fabrics. But if you’re cautious yet wanted to feel classy, a pair of denim pants will do.

Pants: No Apologies


Lace Shorts


Ooh! I have the same lace shorts as Nadine Lustre in Beauty and the Bestie. Vice Ganda said that it was her favorite during the movie because it’s comfortable to wear. And that’s one of the most important guidelines that we should remember when using crochets – to keep it comfy. Aside from that, remember that fashion is not all about denim shorts only. For sometime, ditch the denim, try the lace and pair it with trendy colors.

Eyewear: Crissa | Shoes: H2Ocean


Lace Dress


Layering is not limited to plains and prints. Try this technique on lace materials, especially in lace dresses, and you’ll see how awesome you’ll look. But since today is sunny day, let me just wrap the jacket on my waist. No! Don’t return it on your closet because you might use it later. After all, this is a great way to achieve the casual-chic look whenever you feel like wearing a lace dress, but don’t want to look too sexy. Complete the look by tying your hair and wearing your comfy shoes.

Dress: Bayo | Jacket: Dunnes | Shoes: Skechers


Lace Cardigan


Actually, I have two titles for this – lace cardigan or lace on lace. Whichever you want, as long as you flaunt it with grace, go! I have to give emphasis on the word grace because some of us just equip these styles without asking ourselves if the crochet really complements the outfit. We have to be careful wearing lace on lace since it does not look great at all times. We also have to be mindful of our dress since we sometimes don’t know when it’ll be cold to wear a cardigan.

Top: SM Woman | Shoes: Crocs


Lace Headband


If you don’t have or if you don’t want to put this material on your body, at least try wearing lace on your head as a headband. I’m sure it won’t be hard finding this stuff since I’ve seen a lot of crochet headbands. All you have to do is to choose which one best fits your outfit. And no! They’re not only for the ten-year-old you because in reality, the rightful headband can make the 25-year-old you look extremely cool. The beauty of this style is the fact that it looks equally as fabulous on long or short hair.

Shoes: Parisians

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