Keeping The Trend With Candie’s

keeping the trend with candies

Before, I’m really not into dresses because I am like those province ladies. I mean, I can’t take wearing sleeveless tops and short skirts because my home and my high school thought me to be modest in that way. But you know, everything changes. When I stepped into college, I became expose to, let me call, this generation’s girls who follows the trend. So, I also do follow. However, I limit myself in wearing dresses that shows the not-should-be-seen skins. This is how I met Candie. Oh no, not Candie! Who is she? What I mean is Candie’s Clothing. They all have the dress’ characteristics that I’m looking for – fabulous, trendy and sexy yet decent and proper.

As says, Candie’s was founded in 1981 with the now famous sexy, high-heeled wood bottom slide, called the ‘Candie’. By the mid 1980’s, sales of Candie’s slides soared to 14 million pairs. One out of every four women in America owned a pair of Candie’s. It always has the “It” girl for its national ad spokesperson. It’s worn by celebrities and is featured in television shows and motion picture films. From its trend-right blouses and dresses to its oh-so-perfect-fitting denims, you’ll never run out of choices from this brand. Keep reading and I’ll prove you that.


candies outfit 1

candies zigzag pink dress

Girly, gorg and full of spirit – that’s what I feel every time I wear this pink dress from Candie’s. Actually, this already received a lot of stares from me whenever I go to Candie’s boutique before it finally arrives into my closet. That’s how I love it! However, I’m a bit of a money saver and I just tried not to buy it. Luckily, they had a “buy one, take one” promo by the end of the month so I didn’t think twice on grabbing it. Yay!


candies outfit 2

candies green dress

So yeah, I already had the “buy one” dress and the next in line is the “take one” dress. I can barely choose because I wanted to take all, not to take only one. But that’s impossible so I decided to have this green dress since it shows elegance despite of the simplicity that it carries. Yes, it’s just a plain green fabric that flows down my body, but I love the way the designer puts the small beads on its collar to break its plainness.


candies outfit 3

candies floral pink dress

It’s not summer, but we can still have the summery feels through wearing something like this. But I guess this is not only for summer because its asymmetrical skirt also plays and swirls with the wind. Apart from these seasons, this cute dress also matches casual parties. That’s what I admire about this. This I-don’t-know-what-to-call dress is so flexible in any events. And that’s not it! This is so beautiful that I had a love at first sight into it.


candies outfit 4

candies green striped dress

As I picked five Candie’s outfits for this article, I noticed that I have tons of green-colored clothes, including this. I mean, I’m not really an admirer of the said color but I don’t know why I had them. Well, maybe, I was attracted on how the designer blended the color with the style. Today, I realized that turquoise can perfectly stripe to high neck dresses. The color also matches with my skin tone and the fabric comfortably touches my skin. Magnificent!


candies outfit 5

candies top and irreversible pants

See? Another green here! By the way, if you’re thinking that Candie’s only have dresses, you’re wrong about that. I just love their dresses that’s why I had a number of them. Well, Candie’s also have blouses and pants, not just pants, but reversible pants like what I equip here. You know how I love two-in-one things. And so I paired it with this white top. I like that it’s made with garters so that it just follows the shape of my body.


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