With their catching pop songs, animated dance moves and good looks, Korean bands undeniably dominate the globe’s pop culture. Even though non-Koreans don’t understand the language used in most K-pop songs, fans all over the world can’t resist to their music. However, honestly, I’m not that hooked to their songs but still I listen to K-pop songs and K-pop bands that I like. Sometimes, I admire some bands and there are times their songs can’t get out of my head. I’m actually impressed to their music because I think they have their own style yet it’s trendy. It’s just that I’m not as crazy as my friends who has their respective oppas. For this blog post, I asked them who their favorite Korean bands are. Let’s find what makes them love K-pop.


Nicole Guillermo

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BTS and Blackpink. Ang BTS, gumagawa sila ng sarili nilang songs. May respeto sila sa mga seniors nila sa music industry. Nakakatawa sila. ‘Di sila nagpapakita ng hindi totoong ugali at magagaling silang kumanta. Mahal na mahal nila fans nila! Lastly, pogi, visuals silang lahat. Sa Blackpink, may dating, astig, magaganda sila, magaling kumanta at saka nakakatawa sila.

Nicole is my second cousin and at the same time, batch mate in school. I can say that she is a die-hard fan of K-pop and Korean bands as she wishes to stay in Korea after college. Even her mom became a fan of other bands because of her.


Janine Malay

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Super Junior. Since 1st year high school, fan na ako. First of all, ang pogi nila. Char! Bet ko kasi mga kanta nila at dance steps kaya ayun, nagustuhan ko na sila. Kahit hindi ko naman naiintindihan, nafi-feel ko naman sila. At saka iba din kasi dating nila sakin. Hindi lang sila magaling sa kanta at sa sayaw, kumbaga, full package ang mga oppa ko.

Janine is a friend whom I met in our middle school. She is also a die-hard fan of K-pop and Korean bands that’s why I chose to ask her favorite band. If you visit her Facebook timeline, it’s full of posts about K-pop.


Simone King

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BTS! I’m an Army since their song dropped called DOPE. IDK what year that has been but I’m faithful until Blackpink came and they were the girl version of K-Pop savage I admired. I see singing as second best. Their dancing is what attracts me as I am a dancer not a singer.

Simone is my block mate in DLSU. I don’t have any other relation to her. We just have the same last name. Anyway, she is also a die-hard fan of K-pop and Korean bands. She knows their dances very well.


Sharmaine Ornedo

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Highlight or formerly known as Beast. They are individually unique and talented and great at performing live. They always have a refreshing comeback.

Sharmaine is also a friend. It’s actually her mom who told me that her daughter is also a die-hard fan of K-pop and Korean bands. She said that her daughter attended almost all of the Korean concerts held in Manila.


Jenniffer Fang

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‘Yung kumanta ng ano ba ‘yun? Favorite ko ‘yung kumanta ng I don’t care eh eh eh eh eh. 2ne1! Magaganda ‘yung mga kanta nila. Catchy! Alam ko rin sa kanila ‘yung Come Back Home. Si Sandara nandoon, di’ba? Ang ganda niya pati ‘yung mga kasama niya.

If everyone above is into K-pop, well, I also picked a random interviewee who is not into Korean bands but somehow listens to them. Jenniffer is my cousin and yes, as for her, she only knows 2ne1.


Ella Cruz

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Recently, noong pumunta ako ng Korea, bilang alam naman ng lahat na isa akong big K-Pop fan, pumunta ako sa isang meet and greet ng isang girl group, which is Blackpink, and doon ko na-experience ang paghihirap na ginagawa ng mga fans para makita lang ‘yung mga iniidolo nila.

We have a bonus interviewee here! Ella Cruz, on her interview with Push, said that her favorite Korean band is Blackpink. She even waited for long hours in the freezing weather just to catch a glimpse of them when she went in Korea.


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I’m not saying that I don’t like K-pop. I’m just not a fan and I’m not as knowledgeable to K-pop as these interviewees do. Unlike them, I do not search for their music. I let the music search me and when it interests me, I start to love it. We all have that one friend who is into K-pop so it’s impossible for us not to hear a single Korean pop. And with their growing popularity, we can’t escape from hearing their songs. As for me, I’ve been hearing K-pop songs for years already. And I discovered that almost all the songs that enchant me are from Girls Generation. Gee, Party, I Got A Boy and Lion Heart – these are some of SNSD songs that made me groove. Moreover, As I said, they produce unique music. The girls are individually beautiful and talented yet they synchronize as one whenever they perform.