When I read the prologue of the book, Labyrinth Academy, which states the requirements for Labyrinth Academy, I immediately assumed that an unrealistic story is coming up. Where in the world can you find an academy where you can do anything except falling in love? Tell me! Where? I now believe that Wattpad is a place for girls who are dreaming of a perfect guy that only exists on books, specifically on Wattpad, or more like women’s imagination.
Why did I read it further if that’s the case? Well, I paid for this book and I think I’m wasting money if I didn’t use it. Why did I buy it if I already know that it is another Wattpad fancies? I bought this when I was still a fan of Wattpad during my immature stages of life and I read it just now hoping that it will change my viewpoint on Wattpad.
But nothing changes. Honestly, this make my views worse as I read the worst Wattpad story ever. Did I just read a trash? I’m sorry for the bad words but this is a review and I want to be true. It did not move my heart even once. It wasn’t informative at all. The scenes are disorganized. Basically, Labyrinth Academy is just pure nonsense.
There’s this part of the story where the protagonist, Twylem, went to the school’s office and asked why they don’t let students fall in love. And the person there, I think the principal, responded, “Wala lang. Trip ko lang.” Seriously? They just want to have that rule without a reason? WTF! This is one evidence that proves how shallow the plot is. I wished the author gave a lesson or a deeper reason on this part so the book can somehow be senseful. But no! Everything is written just for fun. The author is writing without thinking.
Let me tell you another questionable scene in this book. But first, let me ask you a question. Will you grab a stranger along the way and let her cook your dinner without knowing if she knows how to cook or not? No, right? However, that’s possible in this story. On their first meeting, Tao brought Twylem to his friends’ secret place and asked her to cook dinner for them. And when she put fire on Tao’s kitchen because she didn’t know how to cook, Tao said to himself, “What a waste of time.” Oh! I can’t believe I read this. What a waste of time!
Aside from the story line itself, I realized that there is no consistency in the book. If the students of Labyrinth Academy are described as bitches and warfreaks, then they should act like one. Why am I seeing good-hearted people in here?
By the way, where’s the labyrinth in this book?

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