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Are you having a hard time on how to wrap your gifts for me after choosing on my wishlist mentioned in my blog, November Baby? Just Kidding. But if you’re going to give anyone a present on Christmas, on birthdays, on Valentines, on monthsaries, on anniversaries and on any event, you should put some effort on wrapping it, right? If it is wrapped, the anticipation and curiosity will be build in the recipient’s feeling. Otherwise, much of the fun would be gone. If the recipient could see what the gift was immediately, all of that anticipation and surprise would be lost. But we should bear in our mind that the way it was wrapped should be as special as the gift inside which is as special as the receiver of your gift. Remember, it is the first thing that the receiver will see. So how do we do this. You have nothing to worry because below are some tips to make your special gifts look extra special through wrapping.


Stamped Wrapper

© brit.co

© brit.co

Remember your grade school days when your Arts teacher would let you bring your watercolor and leaves or coins for you to have a stamped figure of the leaf or the coin on a paper. I hope you remember because we can apply it here. We can also use other objects like toilet paper rolls or the eraser of your pencil just like in the photo above.


Letter Wrapper

letter wrapper

Sometimes, when we give a gift, we also give a letter. So I was thinking if we can combine the two so that we won’t waste paper or anything. And I come up to this idea. Why don’t I use my letter as the wrapper to add spice on your gift. It can be simple as designing the wrapper by writing “Happy Birthday” or “Merry Christmas” repeatedly onto it, write your whole letter onto it, write a song lyrics onto it or write down the name of the person you’re giving the gift repeatedly.


Taped Wrapper

taped wrapper

Whenever I wrap a gift, I always have panic on how to fasten it with a tape. I hate it when a tape is not properly sticked to the wrapper and I see it as unpresentable. But that is just when I am the one who wraps the gift and not the one who opens it. Lucky we now have this Japanese Washi Tape which is a great alternative for other tapes because aside from its major purpose, it adds color and pizzazz to gifts wrapped in plain paper. Zigzags, stripes and chevron patterns look cool and fun.


Wrapped Wrapper

wrapped wrapper

As I said earlier, if a gift is wrapped, the anticipation and curiosity will be build in the recipient’s feeling. But when the recipient opened the wrapper and found out that the gift is still wrapped, then the anticipation and the curiosity will be greater. I used to do this when I was high school. I wrapped my gifts to my classmates and close friends 20 times! That is why my gift looks big that in fact, it is really small.


Simple Wrapper

© loshoroscope.org

© loshoroscope.org

Many still says that the simple, the better. In some ways, I agree because wrapping doesn’t really need to be expensive. According to TG mag, you should check trinkets and odds and ends you already have. Old magazines and gift wrappers can be reused to make gift tags, gift bags or even paper ribbons. And yes, we just wrap a gift by upcycling the old stuff.


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