Sadist Lover Book Review

Loving The Sadist Lover

Sadist is someone who obtains pleasure from inflicting pain on others while on the other hand, lover is a person having a romantic relationship with someone. Oh whatever, that doesn’t matter. But if I’m going to ask you, would you love a sadist lover or would you love the book “Sadist Lover”?

I would rather love the book “Sadist Lover” which has a story about a boy loving a sadist lover. It is my most favorite book of all the Wattpad Stories. Why not? Sadist Lover had it all – made me cry and made me laugh. It is the only series that I read non-stop because I can’t sleep without knowing what will happen next on the story. In fact, I have a dream to play the role of Miyuki if ever it will be a movie. But then, it is just a dream. I wonder who will my Lance be.

As I said, Sadist Lover is a series of three books. First is the Sadist Lover wherein the main characters, Lance and Miyuki met. It includes the story of how Miyuki uses Lance as his rebound, the story of how Lance uses Miyuki for the game truth or dare and the story of how they have their official relationship after all those accusations that test them. The second book is the Complicated Love which made me cry hard. I think, I used three handkerchiefs while reading this. Well, it has a sad ending because of too much complications that hinder their relationship. That is why I immediately read the third book, which is the Definitely a Sadist, because I feel restless to the fact that Lance and Miyuki ended that way – breaking up as they lose a child. Definitely a Sadist is a story of how they get back together. It states all the reason why Lance wasn’t able to catch Miyuki up in the previous book. If you read it, then you’ll also sympathize Lance for all the hardships he had when he lose Miyuki and his baby.

This made me love Lance Mariano. It has been more than a year since I first read Sadist Lover and until now, I still have a crush on him. Like what? It’s just a fictional crush. But hey, he deserves girl’s admiration because of the loyalty and love he have. He’s every girl’s ideal man. Read the book and you’ll know!


Because of this book, I give my favorite Wattpad author award to Aril Daine. She writes romance and comedy books amazingly and accordingly. I just few pages, she is able to write so many mysterious happenings, what more if it is a book, right? I salute you, ms. author!

Sadist Lover books

Even though I already read them on Wattpad, I still bought the published books. That explains how addicted I am to Sadist Lover.

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