How To Make Christmas Chubby Bunny Canes

How To Make Christmas Chubby Bunny Canes

This holidays, let’s treat the kids and tweens with these new kind of munches. Since chubby bunny is a trend these past days, I planned to make a Christmas version of chubby bunny treats which I call, Chubby Bunny Canes. Thanks Total Girl mag for the idea of making this one. Btw, here’s how we can make Christmas Chubby Bunny Canes.


1. Gather all the ingredients needed. This includes marshmallows, candy canes, white chocolate chips and sugar sprinkles.



2. Double boil the white chocolate chips until fully melted to remove from heat.



3. Dip a marshmallow into the melted white chocolate chip.



4. Roll the dipped part into a bowl of sugar sprinkles.



5. While letting the marshmallow dry, chop off the candy canes of your desired length of the Christmas Chubby Bunny Canes.



6. Impale the candy canes into each marshmallow.



7. Christmas Chubby Bunny Canes are ready to serve and eat.




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