Maltese: The Dog Of Joy

Maltese Dog of Joy

As I window-shop in Cartimar for dogs to buy, of course, I was stunned in every dogs I see because they are all cute for me, but there is this one dog that I can’t take my eyes off. It’s Maltese! I can still remember my post last time about the cutest dog breeds which is entitled “Pawsome”, I placed Maltese on top seven, but now that I have one, I guess, he’s on my top 1 already. I never failed to choose this dog. Yeah, I bought Maltese and named it Skittle. I think, it’s a toy dog that everyone wants to be with.

According to my friend who’s afraid of dogs, Skittle or Maltese, in general, is the only dog that she’s not afraid of. Why? Why not? He’s like a stuffed toy, a very cute stuffed toy that is in motion! Well, he’s like a cloud floating in the sky as described by Aristotle. He’s known for being a small toy dog covered with silky white hair which everyone finds charming. They look soft and fluffy. They have round black eyes and button nose. Okay, don’t rack me. Just look at their photos.

Skittle 3

Before getting Skittle in the pet shop, the storekeeper instructed us the proper care that should be given to the dog. Since he is all white, which is prone to stains, the dog do requires weekly bath and daily brushing. They also provided us cologne and powder for the dog to maintain its color and odor. Maltese also needs dental care. And since they are small, he should be really protected because larger dogs view him as a prey. The storekeeper really recommends Maltese among all dogs because they are artist dogs. They are fast learner dogs that are smart in training. Show them the same good manners as you want and this is easily accomplished by Maltese. Today, their refinement, cleanliness and portability make them a popular choice as a companion dog.

Very adaptable, playful, quick-moving, outgoing, gentle-mannered, affectionate, fearless despite of small size – that’s how I can describe Skittle when I already have him. He can be one of the brightest and the gentlest toys in our home. He also love to accompany his master for walk. Maltese is known for the dog of joy for centuries because of this. In fact, Maltese are also owned by the rich people that is why they are declared as the richest dog in the world.

So, if you were to pick a dog, choose this little, cute Maltese!

Skittle 4




Skittle 1


Skittle 2


Skittle and I1


Skittle and I2



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