MNJ Korean Shoes And Sandals

MNJ Korean Shoes and Sandals

Looking for pleasingly graceful and at the same time, inexpensive shoes and sandals? Then, I suggest that you should go directly to a store with only three letters, M, N and J or MNJ for short. Maybe, that’s the reason why I have lots of shoes with this brand – low-priced yet elegant. Actually, my mother is the one who bought them for me when I was younger. I wasn’t really fashionable then that’s why it’s her who chooses clothes, shoes and such for me. And when being stylish laps me, I realized that most of the shoes I love have these letters imprinted on them. Wow! I appreciated MNJ more and now, I’m the one who picks my own clothes and shoes. Of course, MNJ Korean shoes and sandals are part of it.

Yes, MNJ is made in Korea. When I first heard about it, I thought that the designs were exclusive for the Korean’s wants. But no. In fact, aside from Korea, products of MNJ are hotly sold to Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philipines and other countries from Southeast Asia. There’s no doubt about that because as what their page says, MNJ Korean shoes and sandals depot is specialized in development, design, production on fashionable female shoes. It pursues the top quality and  pays attention to product configuration and fashion. Let me prove that to you.


MNJ shoes 2


Then, I don’t wear heels. Never! But it was our JS Prom so I needed a pair for the event. I had the following requirements – red or black because that was the color of my gown as we remember Meili Red and Black Illusion Cocktail Gown, two-inches high since I’m a first timer on heels and simple because I don’t know. And so I realized that this pair of shoes from MNJ will be perfect to use in gliding and twisting on the floor and also, in other occasions!


MNJ shoes 1


This seems very simple but once the owner, like me, wear this, it just shines in the event they’ll attend showcasing the beauty of their feet with the help of the shoes’ glittering effect. What I love about this is its great fit and the right lock. I mean, as you can see, it’s a three-inches wedge but the small belt right on its top will make sure that its wearer won’t fall. Yes, there’s a belt. I just didn’t include it here in the photo because it covers the view of the shoe itself.


MNJ shoes 4


My classmate first had this pair of shoes from MNJ. Its intricate design got me and I got jealous, too! So I tried it and paraded around our school’s gym. That was funny! The shoes totally drove me crazy. And guess what happened next. I also bought the same shoes for myself! And just like the previous one, it has a strap that holds me from fall despite of that thin heels. Remember that I matched it with Mature Shiny Black Strapless Cocktail Dress?


MNJ shoes 3


My shoes are all black? I noticed that, too. Black can be paired with all colors of dresses, that’s why. But at the end, I also enjoyed using other colors. I have red MNJ shoes and white MNJ shoes, which is this. I was attracted to its wooden-like wedge and the white vamp covers my feet greatly. That kind of wedge plus that kind of vamp is equal to perfection. It’s really comfortable to wear that you wouldn’t feel that your wearing a heel at all.


MNJ shoes 5


If you’re already tired of tiptoeing on heels, that doesn’t mean we’ll leave MNJ already because this Korean shoes and sandals producer doesn’t only provide heels for our fabulous OOTDs, but also ballet flats. I’m a ballet flats lady ever since and I didn’t noticed that I have a number of MNJ these already. One of them is this black ballet flats. You’ll definitely like this because of its short heels causing the shoes to be stronger and its soft sock which will make you comfortable.


Thank you WJC Footlocker Boutique, managed by Mahro Lincallo, for offering MNJ shoes in Pinamalayan market.

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