I remember when I was in grade school, I used to name my paragraphs and short narratives with something like My Mother, My Pet or The Environment. It always starts with the word the or my. So whenever I encounter this kind of book titles, I see the book as fruitless. I’m sorry if I’m being judgmental here. Nevertheless, I still consider reading them because they may hide the creativeness inside. Take The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks as an example. It’s a touching story, indeed! Despite of the book title’s simplicity, it manage to become a bestseller.

But here comes My Prince. I’m pertaining to the Wattpad book and not my own prince. Anyway, part of me tells that I shouldn’t buy it because of its title and because it’s from Wattpad while my friends dictate that I should buy it on my other part. And since I love my friends and for some reason, I love Wattpad, I bought it.

Surprisingly, I liked the concept of the story. The male lead, Jiro, disguising to be an ordinary person, was somehow unique and the story of his relationship with Arcie, the female lead, was well-told yet not well-written. I’ve heard and read love stories that are so quick which is in abrupt moment, the couple are already a couple. I’ve also heard and read love stories that are dull or corny or awkward. It’s common in Wattpad, but I’m glad to tell you that My Prince didn’t pass their way. In fact, I felt the kilig whenever the two meet, regardless if Jiro is himself or Jiro is Jacob. However, there are still Wattpad qualities that I don’t want on it like cliches and unrealistic scenes. Well, it doesn’t matter anymore since My Prince is a humorous and great story.

But still, let me cite some of these undesirable qualities for the author to improve. First, as I always say on my book reviews, please don’t change POVs from time to time to avoid confusion. As much as possible, be consistent on one person’s point of view. Second, as I’ve said on the previous paragraph, it’s not well-written. If incorrect spelling and grammar were missed by the author, I hope that the publisher can do the job of rechecking the book. That’s basically it. The whole book was superb!

When doing book reviews, I also mention my favorite parts. I don’t know what’s my standard for a scene to be my favorite. Maybe, I’m looking for one-shot scenes that really affected or moved me. I can’t forget the part when the principal told Jiro in front of Arcie the line, you’re in lab with her. That was witty! And the principal is so cool although I don’t think that spoiling principals like her exist. The pool scene where Jacob fell into the pool and revealed his true identity was intense! I’m happy to see the reaction of the queen bee in my imagination. I was absolutely delighted on the part when Jiro said zhu tem. That’s very sweet of you, Jiro! But speaking of Jiro’s sweet treatment to Arcie, his surprise I liked the most is his moment in the prom with Arcie while stating his six promises. I even even wrote what he said on another paper and kept it. By this, let me end this book review with Jiro’s undeniably sweet six promises to Arcie.

  1. Responsibility. Arcie, I promise you that I will be responsible to you sa kahit anong bagay. I will take responsibility sa pagpapasaya sa’yo, sa pagaalaga sa’yo at sa pagmamahal sa’yo. I want you to take this rose as a sign of my promise.
  2. Time. They say time is one of the most important things you can give to a person because it is the only thing you cannot back. Arcie, I promise to give my time to you. Kahit pa samahan kita sa pagsho-shopping ng tatlong oras, o kahit samahan kita sa pagrereview mo sa library bago ang exam, o kahit sa pag-upo mo lang sa park habang tinitignan ang langit, gagawin ko. I wholeheartedly give my time to you because you are the only girl whom I want to spend it with. Please accept this rose as a sign of my promise.
  3. Loyalty. Arcie, I promise that I will be loyal to you. You are the only girl whom I will look and admire. I promise you that you are the only girl who has a right to hold my heart as long as we love each other. Please accept this rose as a sign of my promise.
  4. Trust. Arcie, I promise to trust you. Kahit anong mangyari, kahit anong sabihin ng iba, I promise na ikaw lang ang pakikinggan at paniniwalaan ko. And I also promise to take care of your trust to me. Pangako, hinding hindi ko babaliin ang tiwala na ibinigay mo sa akin. Please accept this rose as a sign of our trust.
  5. Happiness. Arcie, I promise you, I will make you happy in any possible way I can. I will make sure that when you cry, it is because of happiness, parang ngayon. I know hindi sa lahat ng oras magiging masaya tayo. But I promise you, mas madaming beses na magiging masaya tayo kaysa sa magiging malungkot tayo. Please accept this rose as a sign of my promise.
  6. Love. Arcie, I am giving you my heart and promise to love you with my whole heart. I don’t know what will happen in the future but as of now, ikaw ang babaeng gusto kong mahalin na panghabang-buhay. Alam kong madaming beses ka nang nasaktan at umiyak ng dahil sa akin. I am very sorry. I’ll make it up to you by loving you and making you happ. Arcie, I love you very very much.