myths about pimples

Yesterday, I got a freebie after buying school supplies in National Bookstore. Guess what I have got. It’s an Eskinol Facial Deep Cleanser with cotton and Eskinol Teen Guide in it. I’m not really into facial wash or cleanser but I got interested in the mini magazine. So, I checked for cool stuff and found something that might be useful for you, my readers – the myths about pimples.


Myth 1: Popping your pimples will help get rid of it faster.

Your Derma says: Never pop your pimples! Popping pimples, even when tempting can actually cause more harm than good to your skin. It allows the inflammatory dirt to spread around surrounding areas. It can also lead into scarring. Instead, focus on controlling dirt from settling on your face.

myth 1


Myth 2: You can’t wear make-up if you have acne.

Your Derma says: What a big myth! Can’t you see actors and actresses wearing make-up to cover their pimple but still, their faces stay beautiful as it is. Of course, you can. Light, loose powder gives good coverage without aggravating your skin. But don’t forget to wash your face before going to bed.

myth 2



Myth 3: Peanuts, chocolate, junk foods, fried chicken and other oily food are the causes of pimples.

Your Derma says: A pimple is a blocked or inflamed pore caused by the buildup of dirt, oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. They are the real cause of pimples contrary to all the causes that we know.

myth 3


Myth 4: Washing your face with soap is the best way to prevent pimples.

Your Derma says: Yes, soaps can clean your face but still, it can’t release the deep-seated dirt that causes pimples. Prevent pimples from appearing by using a facial cleanser to remove excess oil and make-up left from washing with soap and to ensure that no dirt is left behind.




Myth 5: Facial deep cleansers give stinging pain in your face.

Some facial deep cleansers are dermatologist-tested to be safe for everyday use and at the same time, can effectively solve oily skin problems and pimples.

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