Neko Atsume App Review

neko atsume review

The makers of Neko Atsume really knows how to melt someone’s heart. I was amazed that they can do that and can make people obsessed at once. I can’t imagine that the easiest and frankly, the most boring application I know in the mobile world would hypnotize me. They used our weakness – cats!

Okay! What does my exaggerations mean here? The game is easy and boring in a way that the thing we’re just going to do is to place playthings and snacks in the yard. That’s it! Cats will visit and we’ll watch them have fun. Given that plainness, I can’t believe that I’m also having fun. It brings us so much joy without even trying. The cats are so addicting to the point that I wake up in the middle of the night thinking that I should feed my cats. I check them in the middle of my class thinking that maybe, they’re bored with this stuff so I change it. I even take photos of them, collect them and post them on my online accounts just like a proud mother. Oh Neko Atsume, what have you done to me?

ane king neko atsume

This photo was taken when I just started. I’m so happy back then because my yard is full. I’m so thankful that you gave me kitties that can never be mine in real life. Your cats will always be remembered. In fact, I remember and can enumerate them all starting with the mellow and as white as snow, Snowball, the black cat that carries luck, Smokey, Spots who always stays in the T-piece tunnel and Shadow, a gray-colored kitty. There are nine Tabby cats here who are Fred, Pumpkin, Bolt, Breezy, Misty, Pickles, Gozer, Willie and Apricot while there are three calico cats who are Sunny, Callie and Dottie and a mix of the two in the body of Tabitha. I want to hug Bandit, Gabriel, Marshmallow, Socks and Lexy. I wonder what happened to the eyes of Pepper but he is still as appealing as Patches, Cocoa, Princess, Ginger, Peaches, Spud, Mack and Speckles. Of course, I wouldn’t forget the selfish Rascal, the reserved Spooky and the pragmatic Ganache. And there are these rare cats, Joe DiMeowgio, Senor Don Gato, Xerxes IX, Chairman Meow, Saint Purrtrick, Ms. Fortune, Bob the Cat, Conductor Whiskers, Tubbs, Mr. Meowgi, Lady Meow Meow, Guy Furry, Kathmandu, Ramses the Great, Sassy Fran, Billy the Kitten, Frosty, Sapphire and Jeeves. You are all adorable and your butt holes are so cute! Yes, I have to say this.

It’s nicely made and relaxing. I just wish there are more room expansions and more stuff because I have bought all items. Well, that’s it. But let me end this with Funny Or Die video, What those ‘Neko Atsume’ Cats Are Really Thinking.

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