OOTD: The Red Signature

OOTD The Red Signature

No, I’m not wearing red. My Outfit of the day is just related to it. Let me start with this introduction.

Red is just a color – the color of love, fire, anger. If you want more information about red, then you can view PULA: Ang Blog ni Kuya Snob. But that’s off topic because what I’m talking about here is the only red that Swifties can see. It’s no other than, the one and only, Taylor Swift! When Swifties first heard of Red, she will be the first to pop up in their minds, even I. So, as for today, I’m going to copy her style especially her signature, the high waisted short.

taylor swift
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Taylor Swift has mastered the art of wearing stylish yet comfortable concert outfits. Let us snag this crowd-pleasing look and turn into a winning everyday ensemble. Let us start with the bottom. See? She’s a big fan of high waisted short, or perhaps, the other way around. But anyways, with her signature outfit, her beauty really rocks the stage!

high waisted short


Taylor Swift chooses the best tops that will fit her high waisted short. As we can see on her photos, she frequently wear lace tops or long sleeves. On my OOTD, I choose to wear a white lace top to sweeten the look. Other tops for you will do.

lace top


I notice that Taylor Swift usually wears her red Oxfords on her concert. She also wears cowboy boots, flats and high heels. So we can choose what shoes we can wear on our OOTD. The important is that we wear the shoes with confidence. As for me, I pick her current favorite in every style and pattern – Keds. Look! she has her signature in my Keds. Lucky me!



Taylor wears a fair amount of makeup, but she never overdoes it. She keeps it simple and natural. I am not a fan of makeup so I didn’t put any except for the red lipstick. Taylor Swift is famous for her bright red lipstick and can be seen wearing it on the red carpet, or on casual hangouts with friends.

red lipstick


We can have a blonde hair if we want. We can curl our hair. We can pull our hair back. We can also have straight hair with bangs. These were the usual hairstyles of our red princess. But it’s up to us on what we will do. To finish the Taylor Swift look, we can add with the right accessories.

taylor swift look

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