OOTD: She’s In Love By Bayo

Honestly, it’s not difficult to follow Janella Salvador’s fashion since she wears almost all teen clothing that trends. It seems to me that if we talk about teen fashion, Janella Salvador is the perfect model for it. That means that all the we equip suits in her personality. But if you really want to dress like her and follow her style, collect leopard print stuff! In most of her fashion interviews, I noticed that she likes wearing animal prints. She also admitted that she’s obsessed and have a lot of stuff with this print like her makeup kit, slippers and clothes. There’s something about the print that attracts us, as what Janella said.

But if you only have a few animal printed clothes in your closet, don’t worry because there’s another way to rock her style on your own. Love by Bayo offers some of the clothes that Janella Salvador wears on TV, on her performances, on her other shows and even on her daily OOTD. She’s the newest ambassador of the brand, that’s why. Actually, when I bought dresses in Bayo, it wasn’t my intention to have the same clothes with Janella though it was her that brought me there. Their products are just awesome that it caters all young women who are into fun and trendy styles that I want to grab them all. And yes, without knowing it, I had the outfit that Janella wears in the poster just outside the store. So I guess I should have an OOTD with it.

dress like Janella salvador

So yeah, we have here Bayo’s Ode for our tops and Bayo’s Amorie for our bottoms. I love how this sweater have those cute heart designs from knits and buttons which stood their new brand. It’s a good feeling to pair it and have a knit on knit with this black Bayo shorts that is so comfortable to wear. And am I really that lucky to have this black and white polka-dotted headband? No, I didn’t buy it! I just have it! Since it’s close enough to Janella’s ribbon, I gave it a part on my OOTD.

Dress like Janella salvador

© Allan Tubola

Aside from Ode and Amorie, there are also other Janella Salvadors’s Love by Bayo dresses to choose from.

© Bayo

© Bayo