operation break the casanovas heart

Before reading my review about the book, I have here ten tasks that you need to accomplish. Think of a casanova that you hate the most and follow this steps.

  1. Make him/her notice you.
  2. Differentiate yourself from other boys/girls.
  3. Get an invite to a date from him/her.
  4. Make the said date memorable.
  5. Make him/her take you seriously.
  6. Ensure that he/she is dating you exclusively.
  7. Snag an invite to meet his/her parents.
  8. Get a kiss – a sincere one.
  9. Be the best girlfriend he’s ever had.
  10. And finally, break his heart.

I think, no one will dare to do this even I. I can’t, especially if we know in ourselves that there’s one and only one rule we should abide – not to fall in love. Breaking this rule will give a severe punishment. That’s crazy! But I know a woman who had the guts to do the ten tasks mentioned. Please meet Naomi Mikael Perez! And who’s the lucky guy, I mean, the unlucky guy? He’s no other than but the great casanova, Stephen Cruz, a heartthrob whose longest relationship lasted for only four days. In the point of view of Naomi, he really deserve this treatment.

This story may be some kind of cliche, but among all the cliches that I’ve read, this is the least cliche. I’ve never seen a story that only revolves around a notebook with a list of steps to break a casanova’s heart, except this one. Oh that’s why the book is entitled “Operation: Break the Casanova’s Heart.” Just by reading its title, we can say that the story will be fantastic.

And I was right! The author’s goal was effective. It made me laugh, then cry, then, laugh, cry again, and of course, the feeling of kilig. I’m in a bus by that time and the person beside me maybe wondering if her seatmate was insane. But I don’t care because she won’t see me again. Besides, the shame is all worth it! I just can’t keep all my emotions while reading this book. I never thought that I will be affected by this book really hard, even my view on boys was changed. Regardless of who they are, casanova or not, they can learn how to love.

Even though what will happen next is predictable, there are unexpected scenes that comes out from the story that gives it spices. If this story is a food or a drink, the author mixed the ingredients well and balanced. The flow of the story wasn’t quick yet it wasn’t boring. The main characters just changed in the right time. I admire how the author described their transformation, Naomi from being fully annoyed to Stephen and Stephen from being a casanova to both being in love with each other.

One more thing! The song choice are right. I’m amazed that Hey Stephen and Teardrops on my Guitar fits the not just the names of the main characters, but the events as well. How I wish these characters were in real life. If ever it will be a movie, I hope that they’ll pick the characters carefully.

Ms. Amy Almario, I salute you for having Operation: Break The Casanova’s Heart.

operation break the casanovas heart book cover