The Pantry Of Dusit Thani

My mom promised a hotel staycation for my birthday but my November was loaded with school works, thesis and final exams and requirements. So we canceled our booking in Azure for my birthday and ended up booking another one in Dusit Thani for the end of the term. We got a more expensive hotel but

Uncle Jov’s Filipino Home-style Cooking

During our last visit, the customer in the table beside ours told the manager that it was their second visit in the restaurant since their food was really good. In my mind, I told them that it was may fifth visit in Uncle Jov’s due to the same reason. Every time I go in my

Cantonese: The Authentic Chinese Dim Sum You Can Enjoy Anytime Anywhere

Cantonese Dimsum House is a Philippine-based snack bar that offers authentic Chinese dim sum products like siomai, shark’s fin, dumplings, and lumpiang shanghai. Branches of Cantonese are actually scattered in the metro but I discovered and eat these mouthwatering nibbles just in the food court neighboring my university called Agno Food Court or simply, Agno. I call Agno

How To Make Indian Bread Pudding

With its sophisticated and subtle use of spices, vegetables, fruits and grains, Indian cuisine is undeniably one of the world’s diverse food. And this includes their dessert section. That’s why my friends, who are half bakers, and I sometimes choose their style when it comes to cooking and baking our dishes. And now, I’m so

Writing In Baybayin

The Chinese language has its own characters. We are familiar with the Greek alphabet which is far different from the universal alphabet. Arabs also have their own language and script, as well as the Japanese, Korean, Hebrews, Latin and others. But did you ever wonder why we, Filipinos, do not have our own unique system

The Wedding Book Review

I have a few Nicholas Sparks books remaining to read and in his section in our library, I chose to read next the book with the most attractive cover. That is The Wedding. I simply like the shiny blue box behind the title and the photo of the swans at the background. The book looks

Best Of Ariana Grande

In my blog post, American Singers We Want, I already told you that Ariana Grande is my favorite singer not just in America but in the world. She’s so charming that I can spend a whole day watching her perform. But one reason why Ariana Grande is my favorite singer is simply because she has

A Year Being 19

This November 18, we have to celebrate! Not because it’s my birthday but because it is my third year in Instagram. Yay! There is no connection but every 18th of November, it is my practice to post my Instagram photos for the year on my blog because back then, I post photos in my Instagram account shared

Filipino Version Of International Products

McDonald’s and Jollibee are two of the leading fast food chains in the country. In fact, According to Inquirer, McDonald’s has never surpassed Jollibee as fast food market leader. And we heard that this only happened in the Philippines. But the competition between these two fast food chain is alive that even us still can’t

Spicy Noodle Challenge

Spicy noodle challenge is circulating online. People, from famous Youtubers down to my friends, already posted their videos sharing their reaction about this Korean ramen called Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen. And commonly, they say that it’s perhaps the spiciest thing on Earth, setting spices aside. Oh really? Well, let’s see if that’s true because