Pancake House: Bringing Home Goodness

Pancake House Bringing Home Goodness

Are you in love with pancakes and waffles? I know what’s the right place – Pancake House! They all have my favorite in terms of pancakes and waffles. Pancake House  is a specializes in breakfast items such as pancakes, waffles, and omelettes, among other items. They also serve good pasta, salads, main course and desserts.

Every time we travel to Manila from Mindoro, it’s my family’s choice to stop by the Pancake House along SLEX to eat lunch. You heard it right – lunch. Because aside from breakfast, they also provide main course that will complete our journey. But you know, you can eat their breakfast cuisine as your lunch, just like what I always do. It has been a long time since I last ate at Pancake House so I was looking forward to the meal.

Whichever generation you’re from, Pancake House is always here to welcome you, like a well-loved friend, to celebrate your favorites, to create new memories, to bring home goodness.


Chocolate Chips Pancake

chocolate chips pancake

Hands down to this pancake filled with tempting chocolate bits served with peanut butter. This pancake is a whole lot better than the others. Is it because of the chocolate? Well, let a non-chocolate lover judge and I bet they’ll love it, too. It’s simple yet delicious.


Caramel Banana Walnut Pancake

caramel banana walnut

This tastefully done pancake with chunk of walnuts topped with banana slices and caramel syrup was definitely worth the price. I’m no fan of banana but I’d love to eat this one whenever I can. It was so good.


Blueberry Pancakes

blueberry pancake

The pancake is soft and good as the previous ones and has delicious blueberry taste. However, I’m disappointed on its appearance. I know it’s hard to manage a crowded restaurant but please don’t toss my whipped butter just like that.


Peach Waffles

peach waffle

The waffle, peach slices and whipped cream really match. But the thing I’ll never forget here is the syrup. I admire how it was created because the sweetness is balanced. In addition, it tastes like peach. I guess Cheese Waffle and Bacon Waffle also has cheese-flavored and bacon-flavored syrup respectively. I should try those some other time. You should, too.


Homestyle Bangus

homestyle bangus

Since Pancake House is a breakfast house, we won’t miss trying their Filipino Favorites breakfast. They have this steamed bangus fillet with soy sauce – seasoned herbs, garnished with tomatoes, finger sili, toasted garlic and served with rice.


Fish Rolls

fish rolls

Every time we order in Pancake House, this variation of spring rolls, an Asian favorite, with a healthy twist: fish, served with plain rice topped with garlic bits and tangy mango salsa is always on our table.


Spaghetti Club Special Set

spaghetti club special set

This combo is composed of meat-sauced spaghetti, which was beyond my expectation, and club sandwich, which is surprisingly made me like chicken in a while. I didn’t regret ordering this one.


Belgian Hot Chocolate

belgian hot chocolate

Here comes a hot chocolate that is not hot. Yeah! They served a warm chocolate instead so we returned it because we want to enjoy the mellowness of the hot chocolate. I admit that this chocolate has it.


pancake house menu

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