Party Dance

party dance

We, people, love to party. Actually, I don’t. But I love to dance so I somehow know how to enjoy in a party. My friend, on the other hand, who is a party-goer, wants to share the common dances he sees and does in bars for the first timers to have an idea about partying. So together with our friends, we agreed to post and show party dances here in this article. My friends are dancers in our high school, by the way. And since we don’t have any party to attend to and we are not used to go to bars except for that gay at our back in the photo, we just take a video on ourselves in parking lot. How crazy we are! Well, we believe that friends can have parties anywhere anytime on their own as long as they enjoy the moment. So let’s do this!


Basic Party Dance

Simple. I know you also do this even you’re not in a party – stepping both of your feet to the right and left and right then left again and again. If you’re a first timer in a party and you’re shy, I bet that this is the party dance that your body will do. Don’t worry. Other party dances are associated with this one.


Divide Party Dance

Stretch one of your arms onto the front like you’re inviting someone for a fist bump and point your unused wrist up and down of your stretched arms just like you are drawing a division sign. Do the same thing on the other side and repeat it as long as you want while grooving your body.


Plus Party Dance

Start this step by pointing one of your hands up straight in the middle moving to the side. If you’re using your right hand, move it towards right. If you’re using your left hand, move it towards right. But you should take turns your left and right hands and continue as long as you want.


Minus Party Dance

You’ll do this through moving your hands horizontally to the beat like the subtraction sign. Place your arm right in front of your chest and move it to the direction where your hand is. It’s like you’re hitting someone beside you using your elbow. Do the same steps on your other hand and then, left, right, left and right until the song ends.


Multiply Party Dance

If the plus forms an addition sign and the minus forms a subtraction sign, guess what multiply forms. It’s just the same thing but this time, move your arms diagonally starting one from the upper opposite side downwards and other arm from the upper opposite side downwards and the same steps goes on.


Hands in the Air Party Dance

The name already tells you what to do. You can do whatever steps you want as long as you are raising your hands while dancing. You can use your both hands, one hand or your hands taking turns. You can throw your hands consecutively upward or circling it in the air.


Head Bang Party Dance

Well, this is not the usual head bang that you see on rockers. But yeah, you can do that also in parties but it’s kinda head aching if you perform that until midnight. So aside from that, you can also whip your hair back and forth and left and right. The direction is really up to you as long as you enjoy.


Freestyle Party Dance

It’s freestyle so you’re free! You can do whatever you want. You can combine all the steps we discussed at a time. You can perform your own party dance that is not discussed. Anything! Because if you are totally having fun, you won’t really notice what party dance you are doing. Yeah! Party party!

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