Patch Adams

“Good health is a laughing matter.” – Hunter “Patch” Adams

It’s a shame if you don’t know who is Patch Adams. Try to watch his comedy-drama movie “Patch Adams” wherein it is played by Robin Williams and based in a real life story of the real Patch Adams. And you will find out that he deserve to be an inspiration to many people.



Patch Adams is a doctor, or wanted to be a doctor in the movie, known with his high sense of humor or what his record said, “excessive happiness.” He used his humor and comic character in treating his patients and doing anything to make his patients laugh, even if it means risking his own career because he believed that it is the best way to improve life. In fact, he found serving them as the purpose of his life.

I got emotional about the movie because it speaks a lot about the purpose of one’s life. Life is about loving, taking risks, accepting that there are certain things we just can’t change and learning from our mistakes. It also speaks a lot about loving in its many dimensions – loving oneself, our friends and family, special someone, what we aspire in life and the feeling when one is able to help people in needs.

What I love about the movie is that it gives a lot of lessons in different terms like love, relationship, spirituality, career, passion and death. But the one that stands out for me is passion. In the movie, Patch really has this passion – the passion for helping others. No matter what circumstances that may hinder his passion, he still didn’t let these things overcome his passion. Just like the school he’s attending, he’s almost expelled but he made a plan to continue his dreams. Another Patch’s circumstance is the death of his friend, Carin. Yes, he almost lose hope but when he saw a butterfly that symbolizes Carin’s presence and support, it revives his spirits, and he decides to continue his work in her honor.

Try to watch the movie so you’ll know what I’m talking about. I promise, there are couple of scenes from the movies that will touch you in so many ways. Your time won’t be wasted. In fact, you’ll be benefited with a lot of laughter and lessons.