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I don’t have the guts to make a review about these literary series because almost all of us read it and knew its story. So what I did was to make a quiz about it. How well do you know Percy Jackson and the Olympians? Let’s find out in this quiz.


1. At what school for troubled kids did Percy start with?

a. Yancy High School
b. Lancy High School
c. Lancy College
d. Yancy Academy


2. Which one of the following powerful, dark, magical items did Hades claim Percy had stolen from him in the first book?

a. Sea of Monsters
b. The Cloak of Doom
c. Helm of Darkness
d. Hand of Glory


3. In The Sea of Monsters, what creature do Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson face near the Monster Donut Shop?

a. Minotour
b. Scylla
c. Hydra
d. Charybdis


4. What does Tyson name to his hippocampus?

a. Bubba
b. Sunshine
c. Rainbow
d. Neptune


5. What is Mr. D’s new nickname?

a. the Wine Dude
b. the Wine Guy
c. Drunk Dude
d. Wine-onysus


6. Who is the Hunter’s best tracker?

a. Claire
b. Zoe
c. Phoebe
d. Bianca


7. What are Kelli and Tammi?

a. empousai
b. vampires
c. hundred-handed ones
d. manticores


8. Who is chosen to lead the quest to find Daedalus?

a. Percy
b. Clarisee
c. Grover
d. Annabeth


9. What color do Mrs. Castellan’s eyes glow when she has one of her fits?

a. White
b. Blue
c. Green
d. Red


10. Who puts the whole New York City area to sleep?

a. Morpheus
b. Kronos
c. Luke
d. Prometheus


Know if your answers are correct! And let me know it. Comment your scores below.

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