Picture Of You Book Review

I was looking for a good read for this semester break on my bookshelf when I found out Picture of you by Aril Dane. Honestly, I don’t know where it came from and I forgot how I got it. But then I took the book since it’s written by my favorite Wattpad author. If you can remember, Aril Dane is the one who authored my favorite Wattpad book since day one, Sadist Lover. I absolutely love that book! It made me cry a bucket and laugh a thousand! It’s also the book where I got my fictional crush, Lance Mariano. And right now, I chose to read a book by the same author because I’m sure that my reading time won’t be wasted.

I noticed that the first part of the story is quite complicated. This guy named Aldrin fell in love with a photo of a girl he haven’t met. And when they finally met, they immediately became in a relationship. When they were together, Aldrin observed Lady’s changing personality like as if she is two persons. But then Aldrin wanted the jolly personality of hers more. I know its complex but I believe that it has a reason because I trust Aril Dane’s writing skills. She’s gonna twist it all.

The story continued when Aldrin found out that Lady has a twin sister named Lena. This explains Lady’s altering personality because they change positions in school and everywhere. Their family tradition of not allowing twins in a family won’t let the two come out of their house together. Lady, Lena, Aldrin and another friend of theirs, Mark, were childhood best friends back then. Both Lady and Lena admires Aldrin but he chooses Lady. However, Aldrin had an amnesia due to an accident caused by Lady. Their parents won’t allow them to see each other so Aldrin’s trauma won’t get back. The only thing Aldrin have from his past is Lady’s photo. All these was explained to Aldrin and he found out that the jolly personality he wanted is owned by Lena so he continued to love the half of the twins. This builds some kind of mess between the twins since both Lady and Lena still love their childhood friend. To add on that, their parents wants Aldrin for Lady, and not Lena, for some reasons. I must say that the tension’s forming when I discovered these all. But the author’s technique doesn’t interests me. It just builds my curiosity that’s why I continued reading.

The couple solved their first problem as Lady let go of Aldrin. However, another problem came in. Lena has a heart problem since birth and it worsens when the two lived together. She knew that she’s dying so she just left Aldrin saying she doesn’t love him anymore. After a year of waiting, Aldrin knew from Lady that Lena already died. But three years after, he saw Lena in the twin’s house alive. When Aldrin already caught Lena, she again explained everything. She said her heart failed but some girl, who has a rich boyfriend, donated her heart for Lena, making her lived her second life. But Lena accepts a condition from Raymond, the rich boyfriend of the donor. She has to marry him. Of course, Lena doesn’t want him and his bad deeds so she escaped and lived with Aldrin. Nevertheless, Raymond threatened Lena about Aldrin’s family so she left Aldrin for the nth time and consented the marriage with Raymond.

It’s really intensifying to see that the book’s pages is running down but their problem is not yet solved. I thought that the story will leave me hanging to a sad ending. But then, Picture of you ended when Aldrin captured Lena in her wedding with the help of Lady and their friends. And they were able to live their happily ever after. I can’t decide if this book has a good ending or not because it has a strong yet incomplete plot. I must say that the story line is brilliantly made. However, of course, there may be consequences if they eloped. There’s Raymond and his riches and Lena’s parents and their power. Sadly, the readers were never informed what happened right after they escaped their problems. It feels like what I read is not yet done.

Despite of that kind of ending, Picture of you is still something to remember. Aril Dane just proved how creative she is in writing new plots and how great she is when it comes to writing dramas. It never failed to make me cry although my bucket this time is not as big as my bucket when I read Sadist Lover. Both books are amazing but let’s admit that Picture of you can’t reach the level of Sadist lover.

© Aril Dane

© Aril Dane