Pit Bull: The Sweet Beast

pit bull the sweet beast

After a weekend from Bacolod, allow me to post my adventure there, which, I expected, to be under food and travel. But here I am, adding something to the pets category. What’s with Bacolod and pets? Actually, there’s nothing. It’s just that the pension house we attended has a pit bull on duty, named Pocholo. How cute is that! I can barely leave his side once I saw him. My friends and I had a small conversation with the owner. This gave me an idea of featuring them. After all, pit bulls are one of the creatures beloved in this world.

Honestly, I thought that dogs with bull on their names are dangerous because of their beastly image. To tell you the truth, pit bulls have been banned in Great Britain, New Zealand, Denver, parts of Florida and more cities. To add on that, their muscular body build makes them daring. You can see that on their well-sprung chest. Undoubtedly, the American pit bull terrier takes the number one spot for the most muscular dog breed. But I was all wrong when the pit bull in the said pension house let us touch him without howling. In fact, he loves to be fondled. He’s a sweet beast, indeed! Aside from his big body that causes people to be frightened, they have broad head that is as hard as a brick, short and smooth coat and jaw that has the ability to hang themselves on tree twigs or branches.

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In our chat with the Pocholo’s master, we discovered ways to tame pitbull and the proper care for them. Same as maltese, pom, chow, mal, pug, shih tzu and other dogs, no matter how strong and big they are, pit bull deserve the same treatment. Since he have short furs, it would be easy for owners to provide grooming. Regular brushing and weekly bathe would be enough. Pit bull loves to run so you need him your backyard but it would be fine to let them live indoors as long as you let them get sufficient exercise outside to improve their cardio since they are prone to heart disease. Be mindful that apart from heart disease, hip dysplasia, hereditary cataracts and allergies can hit them.

However, even though he is called as a sweet beast, this dog is not for everybody. Of course, there is a certain reason why people considered pit bull as a fighting dog. Their natural aggressiveness and courage cannot be denied. As a matter of fact, they can fight an enemy to death. How are the owners of Pocholo were able to tame him? According to them, they taught him how to socialize early. They let him encounter different people every day, and at the same time, reminded those people to be gentle with him. That’s the secret. And when pit bulls finally learned from this, they will grant you their meekness, loyalty and affection. They have the determination to work, which can be used for search and rescue. Their unfriendly behavior are useful in guarding your house.

So, if you were to pick a dog, choose this sweet beast, Pit Bull!

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