Pomeranian: Ball Of Cuteness

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Again, I have to buy a dog because I felt pity on my dog, Skittle because he had no companion every time I wasn’t around the house or I wasn’t able to play with him. So I pondered that it would be better if I’ll buy another one with the same size. As I chose what kind of dog I’m going to buy, I thought of my top two dog choice on “Pawsome”, Pomeranian, the dog that I described as the ball of joy. In fact, when I bought Skittle, hesitated in choosing between Maltese and Pomeranian. Now, there’s no difficulty in choosing between them because I have them both and named my Pom, Wiggle.

Some say, a pomeranian looks like a smaller version of fox. But others protest and say, he looks like a baby-doll. However, one thing is clear – Poms are cute! Well, just look at the photos below and you can decide for yourself.  Basically, they have dark almond-shaped eyes, triangle-shaped ears and wedge-shaped head attached into a cobby, rounded body with their abundant double-coat coming in varieties of color – red, orange, white, cream, blue, brown, black, black and tan, wolf sable, orange sable, brindle and parti-color. You’ll never thought that he belongs to the Spitz family, which includes Samoyed, Alaskan Malamute, and Norwegian Elkhound, because of him being a toy-sized dog. What I love about them is that you can customize their hair. See the photo below. Pom’s hair can be as shaggy as the one in the left side or as short as the one on the right side.

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Just like when we got Skittle from the pet shop, the storekeeper instructed us the proper care that should be given to Wiggle. Since he is double coated, the dog requires weekly bath with dry shampoo and daily brushing to avoid tangling. For their health, it is recommended that they are fed dry foods. As much as possible, don’t let them eat anything other than dog food. The dog should be kept inside the house because he’s too small to live as an outdoor dog. They will do okay without a yard, just be careful they do not overheat in hot weather. He needs daily exercise through indoor games or short walks because they are prone to tooth loss and floating kneecaps. Poms are excellent pets that they are eager to learn and love to please. They are good at learning tricks, but the owner must be early and consistent in training.

Pomeranian makes the most of the day. With them being loyal and happy-go-lucky dogs, I must say that they best for family. Very adaptable, lively, affectionate, delightful, playful – that’s how I can describe Wiggle when I got him. He loves kisses especially when I carry him with me. Despite of his small size, this pup barks loud that make him an excellent watchdog. Apart from being a watchdog, he is also a good therapy dog that he comforts the sick and the elderly. Overall, pomeranians are dogs of cuteness and personality.

So, if you were to pick a dog, choose this little, cute Pom!

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