Problems Only People With Glasses Understand

Before enumerating the problems only people with glasses understand, let me first answer the question in your mind. Yes! There is a point in my life when I wore glasses because right now, I have astigmatism. You just don’t see me wear those because I take them off when I’m in front of the camera. But now, I decided to take them off forever because it is so uncomfortable that I have to deal with a lot of struggles. Well, I wore it on and off to the point that my head ached again and my astigmatism worsen. This led me to the decision of taking it away in my life so my eyes won’t be confused anymore. However, aside from the eye problem itself, there are more problems that only people with glasses understand.


1. Ladies and gentlemen, having a pair of eyeglasses that perfectly fits your face, your nose and your eyes doesn’t mean that it will prevent you from adjusting it. Remember that there exists a thing called sweat that will ruin everything. Also, small movements can slide the spectacles off your face so constant readjustment is totally needed.


2. Back when your eyes are clear, the first thing in your routine is to pray or turn off your alarm clock. Now, the first thing you do is to find your glasses. You grope for it thinking where in the world you placed it last night. And you realized that you have to have your eyeglasses so you can find your eyeglasses. Well, this is life!


3. I’m a pluviophile. However, I ignore my love for rain whenever I have my spectacles on because I have to clean the lenses time by time. The same goes during foggy days. It’s so sad that there’s nothing I can do but to wipe the lens with that small piece of cloth. And when you missed that wool, wiping the lens with your dress will just make things worse.


4. You can’t watch a movie while lying on your bed and you have to mindful if you accidentally fall asleep because your glasses force you to do so. It’s so uncomfortable when we sleep or lie down. Moreover, it’s so distracting whenever I’m not sure if I’m going to sleep or not because I remove then equip then remove it as I bow then wake then bow on my desk.


5. I thought I already have an eye protection. But why does the dust still come in? It actually makes it worse because we still have to remove the eyeglasses before wiping that shit off our eyes. Sometimes, when I try to remove that dirt from my eyes, I bumped my fingers into the lens forgetting that I’m wearing glasses. Oh the struggle is real!


6. You receive a lot of comments – comments like you just wear spectacles because you want to follow the trend, comments indirectly telling you that you can’t see while raising fingers in front of your face, comments like you have to wear contact lens instead and comments like you look like titas when you wear them.



7. I don’t if this is just me or what but sometimes, my vision becomes blurred even when I’m already wearing a pair of eyeglasses. Well, it’s time to change lens. Aside from the fact that your eye problem deteriorate, it’s so hassle to stand up from your sit, go outside your house, walk to the nearest eye clinic so you can have new lens.



8. Oh! I want to see that film in 3D! Are you sure? With your glasses on, do you want to struggle fitting the cinema’s 3D glasses? If you wear your spectacles alone, everything will be blurred. If you wear the 3D glasses alone, everything will still be blurred. And it won’t fit if you wear them both so it’s better to just deal with 2D films.


9. Fashionista can’t be fashionable with glasses. Maybe, it does when it suits their OOTD but let’s admit that most of the time, it doesn’t. But the sole problem here is the fact that we can’t change our eyeglasses just to match our outfit because for sure, the ratio of the number of spectacles to the number of clothes we have isn’t equal.


10. Stating the obvious, eyeglasses is made of glass. This means that eyeglasses are fragile. It can be cracked, have scratches or worse, be broken. Therefore, even though you carry the world, you have to take care of it. Yes! Spectacles are added to things you need to look for. You don’t want to go back to the stage where you’re picking the perfect pair, right?

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