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build your own pizza at project pie

Everyday artisan pizza custom made by you – this is how Project Pie describes the concept of their restaurant which I found cool. Well, Project Pie Philippines is the first international franchise and the third branch of the US-based brand. This new pizza house allows its customers to enjoy artisan pizza by customizing their own food.

Aside from its concept, I also found the place cool and unique compared to other pizza places I’ve already visited. It’s very creative just like their pizzas. They have inspiring and witty and even silly quotes on the wall and attractive white and red chairs and dark blue couches. My friend and I chose to sit on the couches thinking that it will be more comfortable but when we were about to sit, we noticed that the tables still have remnants from the foods of the last who occupied them. Yes, we know that this is a self-service restaurant but I hope that the servers won’t assume that all of their customers will follow their CLAYGO policy and must check if their place is still clean and convenient. But despite of that, we admire the waiters and waitresses for always smiling making us feel really welcome.

project pie menu

We can’t deny the fact that Project Pie became popular because of their build-your-own concept. So I suggest that you should know first the steps on having your own pizza before going to the pizza hub.

1. Choose the base you want: white pizza, which has olive oil as sauce or the red pizza, which has their signature red sauce.

2. Choose the cheese you want to top: Gorgonzola, Ricotta, Parmesan, Feta Cheese or Mozzarella.

3. Choose among the meats you want to top: pepperoni, Italian sausage, crumbled meatballs, grilled chicken, prosciutto or bacon.

4. Choose among the other toppings: Jalapeños, green bell peppers, roasted red peppers, anchovies, pineapple, mushrooms, onions, cilantro, tomatoes, black olives, garlic, pesto, artichokes, basil or rosemary.

5. Wait for your name to be called so you can get your build-your-own pizza.



Build your own

I like the idea of putting everything I want in a pizza. However, it’s hard for me to pick the right sauce, cheese, meat, spices and other toppings because I just pointed and pointed the ingredients of my choice and I’m really not expert on mixing and matching these things. Honestly, I expected it to be bad but it was the other way around. The toppings I picked made a very good combination! With this, I’m convinced that Project Pie has the ability to make unsuitable ingredients suitable. Hands down for this one.


Classic Cheese Pie

Classic Cheese Pie

Uhm, yes. Project Pie also offers pizzas that are ready-made that are numbered from one to seven. My friends and I chose the pizza one, Classic Cheese Pie, since we already have build-your-own pizza that wasn’t plain. This one totally surprised me! I can’t believe that a pizza which is only made up with a classic cheese and dough, meaning, no meat, no veggies, will taste as good as their other pizzas which have these ingredients. Wow! Just wow! I think I have nothing to say more aside from that word.


Choco S’mores

Choco Smores

Woah! Marshmallows and Nutella on a pizza crust! The idea of s’mores pizza was just on my mind and now, it was in front of us – concrete and ready to be eaten by s’mores munchers like me, like us! I guess, you already know what this pizza would taste like. Heaven! Oh sorry for that number of exclamation points. I just can’t hide the excitement to share this one. Well, I think, I should add Project Pie to smart restaurants for having this along with the other awesome eats.


Banana Nutella

Nutella N Banana

As I said, there are other awesome eats aside from Choco S’mores and that is Banana Nutella! We, all, enjoy eating the banana-Nutella combination on bread, but I loved it even more when I tasted it on a pizza crust. It’s yummier! I also like its beautiful presentation and how it is made – Nutella overload! But despite of that, the flavor was balanced. I also love the fact that it can’t be found in other restaurants. It’s a unique take on desserts.


Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich

My friend got attracted to the photo of this ice cream sandwich posted nearby the build-your-own pizza counter so he bought it. I decided to just bite from his so I can add it here and have a review on its flavor and such. Glad that I didn’t bought myself one because the cookies are made in oatmeal with raisin and I don’t want those. It was just me, okay? My friend said that the subtle sweetness of the ice cream compliments with the chewy quality of the cookie.

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