Prosperous New Year In Philippines


A week after finishing all the traditions mentioned in Pasko Sa Pinas for Christmas, it’s now time to believe again to Filipino Superstitions that as said, should be done every New Year – the noisiest time of the year. Filipinos welcome the New Year literally with a “bang.” It’s the time when Filipinos light firecrackers and have firework displays – their main superstition for they believe that its noise drive the evil spirit away and make the New Year bountiful and blessed. Apart from that, Filipinos have other beliefs and practices which are associated and believed to bring good luck, fortune, and prosperity in the New Year. Here are some.


1. At 12 midnight, have a thanksgiving feast called Media Noche.



2. Prepare 12 round fruits, one for each month of the coming new year.



3. Open all the windows, doors and lights as you welcome New Year.


4. Wear polka dotted clothes.



5. Fill your wallet with fresh peso bills.



6. Fill your pocket with coins and jingle them as midnight strokes.



7. Scatter coins around the house.



8. Debts must be paid off before New Year.



9. Don’t spend your money on the New Year’s day itself.



10. Jump twelve times to get taller next year.


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