Pug: The Internet Master

Pug The Internet Master

Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in America, while Shih Tzu rule the list in the Philippines with Aspin as an exception. But of course, our star for today won’t let himself be defeated. In the internet world, where most people spend there time, pugs are number one. Internet memes, gags, GIFs – they always have an entry for these stuff. Netizens also named a lifestyle after them so I call these dogs as the pug-life master. Proud pug owner here! For almost a decade, my family is taking care of two pugs, as I said in Man’s Best Friend and named them Andrei and Venus. Actually, it’s the seller who named them.

I believe, it’s their funny yet adorable appearance that made them clicked in the internet world. And I also believe that it’s their wrinkles that caused them to be so irresistible. Pug won’t be pug without those wrinkles! Aside from that, these dogs’ round and flat face is composed of eyes, nose, ears and mouth. Obviously, they have that. I’m just kidding. However, I can say that their eyes are black and bulgy, their ears are dark and soft, their nose is flat and their mouth is big. I noticed that when they’re yawning. It’s hard to recognize if my Pugs are happy because they rarely wag their tail. It’s always curled tightly. Pugs come up with few colors namely black, fawn, apricot fawn and silver fawn. All of these are the reason why I included pug in Pawsome. You can view pug’s whole appearance in the photo below.

pug 3

To maintain their charm and health, we must know our duties as a caretaker and owner at the same time. Don’t worry. Grooming is just minimal since they are short-haired. With just monthly bath and weekly brushing, they’re ready to go. However, their nails are growing fast, their ears are prone to waxes and their teeth are always used so these parts should be trimmed, checked and brushed respectively. Pugs are vulnerable to breathing problems since they have short nose so let them stay in a not-so-hot yet not-so-cold areas. These dogs also love walking with their master as an exercise but you should make sure that their neck belt or neck chain you’re holding aren’t tight because they’re quite sensitive to that. And oh, the most important thing we should keep is the cleanliness of their face because there will always be moisture on their face caused by their folded skin.

As I said earlier, we have pugs for years so we already memorized their attitude. If you’re quiet, they’re also quiet. If you’re playful, they’re also playful. And since they are adaptable to the person with them, pugs are the perfect dogs for kids. Their energetic attitude, together with their wrinkled face, is what makes their owners love them and their loyal-being and their affectionate-being are what makes their owners love them more. What’s cute about them is that they can also feel jealousy and when they feel that, they will howl like a wolf. Yes, they have hearts like humans! Many people consider them as watchdogs but they’re too friendly for that job because they entertain everyone, even strangers. They’re not just easy to hang with people, but with other pets as well.

So, if you were to pick a dog, choose this viral and adorable Pug.


pug 5 pug 1 pug 6 pug 2

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