Reflective Reading Shake Off Your Problems
A man’s favorite donkey falls into a deep precipice. He can’t pull it out no matter how hard he tries. He therefore decides to bury it alive. Soil is poured onto the donkey from above. The donkey feels the load, shakes it off, and steps on it. More soil is poured. It shakes it off and steps up. The more the load was poured, the higher it rose. By noon, the donkey was grazing in green pastures. After much shaking off of problems and stepping up learning from them, one will graze in green pastures.
You will face the same kind of situation in life when tons of problems and misfortune will fall upon you. In such situation, don’t get sad. Shake off your problems, they will subside and you step up to greater success and opportunities of life.
© Teja's Little World

© Teja’s Little World

Instruction: Choose a line that struck you the most and reflect.


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