Relaks, It’s Just Pag-Ibig Movie Review

relaks its just pagibig

Have you experience love problems? Heart broken? Jealousy? Unrequited love? Hopeless romantic? Walang forever feeling? Long Distance Relationship? Third Party? Bitter? LQ? Well, well, well, my only answer is this. Relaks, it’s just pag-ibig. Just like what the recent movie says.

Relaks, It’s Just Pag-Ibig is a story of two individuals, named Sari and Josh, and their quest to find the meaning of true love by looking for Elias and Salome, whom they knew in a letter that Sari accidentally discovered. The letter says that the lovers are supposed to meet in a beach to witness the blue moon and be in love forever.

As Sari and Josh journ their way to Leyte to meet Elias and Salome, the two develop a romantic relationship between them. Since they are unaware of what true love is, they just continue their happy adventure. But Sari’s best friend, Kiko, who returned from Singapore to fulfill his promise, which is to come with Sari in Leyte, came into the scene. His coming let the two discovered what they feel for each other and tests those feelings.

The flow of the story is quite messy and I find the plot hard to understand immediately. But, overall, I give my thumbs up for the movie because of the message that it shows. We cannot find true love in others, but in ourselves. Just like Sari and Josh, they failed to find what true love is through Elias and Salome but they successfully found true love in their hearts.

I must say that this movie is a good start for Sofia Andres and Inigo Pascual, who played Sari and Josh, in their career. Sofia performs a fantastic portrayal of bubbly and hipster Sari, while on the other hand, Inigo has this charm that will make him like his father.



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