In a relationship with fashion

For so many years that passed by, today is the only day that I realize how small my relationship is to fashion. Thanks to my friend, who interviewed me for his homework in Anthropology. He asked me a few questions our relationship.

1. What is your favorite OOTD?

Actually, I don’t have any favorite OOTD. I am already contented on wearing tees or simple blouses and pedals, pants, jogging pants or leggings even when I’m going out or in school.

2. How are you feeling as you wear your OOTD?

I feel relaxed and comfortable in every move I make like in raising my hand or running because I always make sure that the clothes I wear will keep me. As I look at the mirror, my outfit seems so refreshing.

3. Have people commented about your style? If yes, what are some of their feedbacks?

Yes, and she is no other than my mother! She always says “losyang”, but on other times she says I am very simple. My boy friend, a friend who is a boy, also commented that I look like Maria Clara.

4. What are the main factors that you are considering in choosing on what to wear? Rate those starting from 1 as highest.

1 – Decency

2 – Comfort

3 – Occasion

4 – Weather

5 – Size

5. Why do you think is fashion significant in our culture?

Fashion is important because it might say anything about the people who wear the clothes – on how they wear it or on what they wear. Fashion can be as simple as something you put on to make yourself feel beautiful, or as dynamic as something illustrative of culture, time and its transformations.




© Simone King



© Miko De Mesa



© Gericking Escarez



Life would be dull without fashion. Even though that I don’t have much fashion inside me, I can say that it can make lives colorful. But you know what, even I’m dressing up simply, I’m choosy on what I will wear. I have my own standards in picking clothes. The colors of my tops must match the colors of my bottoms and shoes and accessories and hair clips. When there is an occasion I have to attend, I show the full fashion that I hide. But of course, I still consider to be simple yet elegant.