Remembering PANTS

remembering pants

Children, nowadays, doesn’t know how to play the game PANTS. But why? I love this game when I was a kid. In fact, I have a notebook with a list of PANTS in each category from A to Z. Ask the 90’s kids and I bet they’re also addicted to this game. For those who didn’t know,  PANTS stands for Places, Animals, Names, Things and Surnames. Star stop is another version of this game but with more complicated categories. Here’s how it goes.


1. Prepare a box of letters from the alphabet. Pick one for every round.

© Janecel Jamig


2. On your paper, write place, animal, name, thing and surname. These will serve as your categories.

© Janecel Jamig


3 Under each categories, write a proper noun of the said category that starts with the letter you picked.

© Janecel Jamig


4. If one is finished, all must stop writing. Count the number of points you got.

© Janecel Jamig


5. Go for a second round or third round until you give up or finish all the letters in the alphabet. The player with most points will be the winner.

© Janecel Jamig

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