Back when I was in my childhood days, Sudoku puzzle was my thing. I was so obsessed with it that I have box full of solved Sudoku puzzle books. And Riddle Stones reminds me of the puzzle I used to love so much. The two puzzles are actually different but when my boyfriend asked what Riddle Stones is, I described it as a Sudoku puzzle without one to nine numbers. How is that possible? That was also my boyfriend’s question.

Riddle Stones is a cross number puzzle game created by Ooblada. Like Sudoku, this game will give you an empty grid, not necessarily three by three or nine by nine, to work on. In each columns and rows, there are numbers indicating the number of filled in squares in their respective lines. Now, the player’s job is to fill them in according to the numbers on top and on left by tapping the correct squares. You will also see two or three numbers in a row or in a column. It means that there is a space or spaces between the blocks. If my explanation is not enough for you to understand the mechanics, you better play and learn it by yourself. I assure you that it will be worth it and you will find out why I compared it to Sudoku.
I was so hooked to it as I was to Sudoku. It definitely makes my mind work as it fills my heart with thrill and entertainment. It’s challenging in a way that I don’t want to stop the game until I finish everything although it’s almost impossible since it features over 1000 puzzles. So yeah, it takes forever.
However, it’s annoying that the levels don’t get harder and so far, I haven’t encountered any twists at all. Maybe the heart that shows the health of the player which decreases really really big when he made a mistake is one but it doesn’t dare me because I only have to repeat the stage with the same level of difficulty. Or perhaps, the heart that tells the player’s life is one, too, but it doesn’t dare me, too, since it just makes me wait to play again. If Ooblada will keep the this it is, players will easily get bored to it. You don’t want them to uninstall the app from their mobile phones, right?