DIY: Rope Thread Bracelet

rope thread bracelet

One thing you can do on night outs with your best friend is making DIY friendship bracelets. It’s not just fun to make but also, its knots symbolizes your friendship. Or if you two are not together, you can create her one as a remembrance. She will definitely like it especially its design. There are different designs to choose from like chevron and spiral which I already made here on my page. But today, I’m going to show you how to make rope thread bracelet! My classmates and I used to make this kind when I was in grade school because it was so trendy back then. I’m just glad that I remember the method of this DIY.


1. Prepare four colors of embroidery floss needed. Also, get a pair of scissors and a piece of cardboard.

rope thread bracelet step 1


2. Maybe you’re wondering why we’ll be needing a piece of cardboard but this will be a great help to make our rope thread bracelet. On the photo below, I traced small lines on each side and each edge and a dot on the center. The lines indicate short cuts and the dot marks a hole. This will be our bracelet loom.

rope thread bracelet step 2


3. Cut each thread 20 to 30 inches depending on the measure of your wrist.

rope thread bracelet step 3


4. Fold these threads in half and make a knot on the loop.

rope thread bracelet step 4


5. There should only be seven threads to make this but we have eight, so let’s cut one off. It’s up to you which color.

rope thread bracelet step 5


6. Insert the threads on the hole up to the knot.

rope thread bracelet step 6


7. Place each thread on each cut, leaving one vacancy.

rope thread bracelet step 7


8. From the vacant cut, count three threads to the right. Put the third thread on the empty cut. As you can see on mine, the third thread from the right is in color green so I place it on the vacant cut.

rope thread bracelet step 8


9. Rotate the loom so that new empty cut faces you.

rope thread bracelet step 9


10. Do the same thing. This time, the navy blue thread is the third thread from the right of the empty cut so I replaced it on the vacant cut.

rope thread bracelet step 10


11. Rotate.

rope thread bracelet step 11


12. And again, place the third thread, which is the white one, on the empty cut.

rope thread bracelet step 12


13. Rotate the loom once again.

rope thread bracelet step 13


14. Continue replacing the threads and rotating until you’ll create a rope. When you ran out of threads or you think that the measure of your bracelet is enough, you can remove it from the loom and end with a knot.

rope thread bracelet step 14


15. Your rope thread bracelet is now done and ready to be used. As you can see, I also made other colors of rope thread bracelet. Aren’t they cute?

rope thread bracelet step 15

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