science of balloon skewer

Balloon Skewer? Is that possible? Well, as you can see on my photo above that it is possible. No, they’re not edited or something. It’s a real balloon skewer that I made. Amazing, right? Even I, when I first saw a Balloon Skewer, I was surprised. My friend challenged me to do this one but it always end up with a loud pop. After a few trials, my friend showed me the proper way of skewing the balloon. It’s really easy that we just need two things to do this – a balloon and a skewer. Let me teach you how.


1. Have a not-so-full-blown balloon and tie them off.



2. Gently, insert the skewer through the neck of the balloon near the knot. Do this in a twisting motion.



3. Push the skewer through the balloon until it reaches the opposite side.



4. Carefully insert the tip of the skewer through the dark patch at the top of the balloon.



5. Yay, we made it! You now have a balloon skewer or balloon kebab.

5 balloon kebab


How does it work? explained that this trick works through an understanding of surface properties. A balloon is formed by inserting air into a flexible thin rubber sheet. Most of the balloon is stretched evenly, but there are two points where the rubber is least stretched – the dark rubber on top of the balloon and near the tied section. So, when you push the skewer through this points, the rubber just folds around the skewer instead of popping.


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