lava lamp

Lava lamp really fascinates our eyes. I know, yours, too, right? We just love how the bubbles and blobs play inside the bottle. But have you ever wonder how this such thing work? I can see myself raising my hand, saying yes. Well, it looks so complicated but you know what, we can have our own lava lamp, made by our own hands, in our home. This sounds exciting! With the help of science, I never thought that creating a lava lamp would be that easy.


1. Prepare the materials needed: water, oil, baking soda, food dye, vinegar, tablespoon, teaspoon and beaker.



2. Fill the beaker with 100 ml of water.



3. Mix it with your desired color of food dye to make it look more amazing.



4.  Add 100 ml of oil into the beaker.



5. Add one tablespoon of vinegar.



6. Add three teaspoons of baking soda.



7. Watch it bubble and see how cool lava lamp is. It’s pretty groovy.



How does it work?

TG mag explains that oil and water do not mix, so oil will rest on top of water. The vinegar and baking soda, which is also known as bicarbonate soda, produce a gas that being less dense than both oil and water, rises up through the liquids.


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