The Secret Life Of Pets Movie Review

the secret life of pets movie review

When the official teaser trailer of The Secret Life of Pets was released last year, I said to myself that I shouldn’t miss this. A film about pets will always have a big convincing power to me. The humorous scenes of each pets, especially Buddy who turned the kitchen mixer on to massage him and Leonard who played heavy metal music when his owner leaves, built my anticipation. They’re my instant favorite pets in The Secret Life of Pets. Plus, it is produced by Illumination, the production which created my favorite animated film, Despicable Me. So definitely, this should be on my planner.

Speaking of Despicable Me, the flick started with a short film from Minions. Am I in the right cinema? I don’t get the participation of the Minions in it. Nevertheless, they’re still adorable and will always be my favorite.

I realized that they really know how to make a character that will catch the hearts of the audience because aside from the minions, the creatures in The Secret Life of Pets are also lovable. Apart from my favorite pets here which are Buddy and Leonard, Max is the kind of pup that humans will absolutely love and enjoy being with. He is the epitome of being a man’s best friend while Duke is the kind of mutt that I want to be with on the bed. I want him to be my pillow while I sleep. On the other hand, Pomeranian is really a ball of cuteness and fluffy Gidget proves that to us. Her voice perfectly fits to her sweet attitude. That’s Jenny Slate, right? Great job! Even Tiberius agrees to this as he let Gidget reveal his good heart despite of being a tough and serious hawk. Moreover, I’m seeing myself to the blue tabby cat named Chloe. We’re both lazy and always hungry. I find Snowball funny because his insane cuteness wouldn’t allow his evil-being. But of all the pets, Mel is the most endearing of them all. He is so active that he just smiles and barks all their problems away. I wish my pug is as energetic as him. Furthermore, I’m glad that they included animals that hate humans for they brought more color to the story.


Although these pets are so engaging, I’m a little disappointed with their show. I love that they started it with a catching song by Taylor Swift, but as it went on, I felt that it won’t reach the hit of Despicable Me. It’s beautiful but it’s not a movie to remember. I don’t know why. Maybe I expected the reality and not the fantasy. I’m hoping for the secret lives of pets that are legit like what they’re really doing when their masters leave them daily. Or maybe, I already watched such kind of story but not in pets form. Toys, I guess?

However, the most important thing is the fun it brought to the audience. All throughout the show, I was smiling like crazy. It was equally entertaining with Despicable Me. And I’m sure, not just kids will love it, but also adults and teens like me. I heard that there will be a sequel. I’m hoping that it will be better.

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