I’m going to make a review on the Wattpad book, Secretly Married. But please bear with me because I’m so sabaw today. And during the time I read it, I was sabaw, too. So I don’t know if the resulting post will be sabaw. But there’s no uncertainty that my grammar will be correct. Ooops! I’m sorry if you are reading a lot of sabaw because really, I am sabaw. You can sip me now. Kidding! Please laugh.

Anyway, I usually jot down notes when I’m reading books so I have something to say in my reviews. But in here, I didn’t. You already know why. It’s in the first paragraph. So, I’ll just type what I remember.

Secretly Married is about a husband and his wife who act as strangers in public. Well, that’s obvious in the book title. The reason behind it is their dead mothers wish for them to be together someday. So as a sign of respect, they had an exchange of wedding vows even though they don’t actually love each other at the start. No one forced them. They just want to be married because of their mothers who died. I’m not joking! That’s what really happened in the story! I guess the author is sabaw, too. Going back, the two should act as strangers outside their own house because the guy is an actor who is in the peak of his fame. He is in a popular love team with an actress so no one should destroy that love team, or else, his career will be destroyed, too. On the other hand, the girl is just no one. She’s an ordinary student studying in the same school as the guy. So yeah, the students there weren’t aware that this girl and this guy know each other and that they are living under the same roof. Yes! They have their own house. However, they rarely talk and see each other because they’re not really interested. But that’s what their mind says. Their heart tells the opposite because deep inside them, they get jealous when their partner is with someone. And when they couldn’t handle their jealousy anymore, that’s the time when they confessed that they truly love each other. That’s only the beginning of the story but I don’t want to continue anymore. After all, this is a book review and not a summary.

In my opinion, the story is a bit bland like in a food, it lacks flavors. And by flavor, I mean its effects to the readers. Does it make them cry? Does it make their heart skip a bit? Are the events surprising? Does it reveal something that they didn’t see coming? It may be a yes to some, but for me, it’s a no. Wanna know why? It’s because the problems the protagonist experienced were quick and the solutions were already expected. The two will encounter a problem that could break their relationship. I’ll guess how it will be solved. I’ll read a few paragraphs and there, I’ll meet their solution I expected. And since the character’s struggle short, it couldn’t build the tension that it should bring to us, readers.

Aside from that, the choice of English words is improper. I think, it’s originally written in Filipino in Wattpad and the publisher just translated it in English. Ugh! I hope they just let it be because their usage of English is so bad. They just used direct translation like how Google translates. Well, at least, I understood the plot and honestly enjoyed reading it. It’s great in some ways. I suggest you read the book so you won’t only rely on my sabaw post.

I think, if this review is reviewed and rated, it will have one star out of ten because it sucks and I admit it.  But I know, I’m somehow making sense. I just wish that my readers the points I’m trying to convey.