Shih Tzu: The Floating Precious

Shih Tzu The Floating Precious

Living in an Asian country, I thought that the most common dog is Shih Tzu since this Chinese Lion Dog is almost anywhere to be seen. I guess, every pet owners here in the Philippines had experienced to be with a Shih Tzu just like me and my friend. I do but what we have is a cross-breed Shih Tzu, unlike my friend who has a pure breed Shih Tzu named Sleepy. His name explains her personality though he’s cute no matter what. In fact, I fell in love to Sleepy when I visited my friend to their condo. And it continues while I stalk to his mother’s Instagram, my friend’s Instagram, rather. Comparing mine and hers, pure breeds are really better than cross breeds.

So why did I call it as a floating precious though we can’t see any floating thing on the featured photo? Well, befriend with Google and search for full coated Shih Tzu. In that cut, it’s hilarious to watch them walk with their flowing hair seemingly floating. The thing that makes them one-of-a-kind and luxurious has two layers – the top coat, which is silky long, and the undercoat, which is fuzzy. Completing their fleece are their drop ears and tail which are heavily furred. Aside from these, their sturdy body comprises of short muzzle and dark round eyes, too. There’s more to explain on its appearance but I’ll stop here because I guess, a photo will let you understand it clearer.


Most Shih Tzu I’ve seen have a puppy cut, just like Sleepy. But whether they have long or short coat, they are all charming who deserves proper care. With that kind of hair, it requires time-to-time combing and once-in-a-month grooming. You can clip their hair to uncover their eyes and to make them look cuter. Keep the other parts of their body clean, too, since their eyes are sensitive, their ears blacks once in a while, their nose sips water, their teeth are just like ours and their nails grows quickly. While maintaining the outer beauty, their inner health also needs attention. Good nutrition is very important from their puppyhood to their seniority as much as exercise. And most of all, the most special thing you can give is your love.

Love them dearly and believe me, they’ll love you back. I must say that that’s the main reason why Shih Tzu is owned by many here in my place. Their warm temperament melts human’s heart. Despite of their size, they are happy and lively like there is no tomorrow. But that doesn’t mean they don’t sleep. In actuality, they like to sleep with on your bed. And that’s the moment you’ll feel how gentle and loyal they are. They may be courageous but if your looking for a guard dog, please don’t let Shih Tzu employ for that job, or else, the thief will rob them, too! As a matter of fact, Shih Tzu is friendly to all – owners, kids, elders, fellow dogs, fellow pets and even strangers. They’re not choosy! They can live anywhere as long as their basic needs are provided.

So, if you were to pick a dog, choose this adorable and fuzzy, Shih Tzu!

shih tzu 3
© Andrine Vhea Apego



shih tzu 4
© Andrine Vhea Apego


shih tzu 2
© Andrine Vhea Apego


shih tzu 5
© Andrine Vhea Apego




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