size matters

Okay. I’ll be defensive here because I should be! Seriously, I have no idea that this book has an erotic genre. Size Matters – I thought that it pertains to the character loved if he’s tall or short or fat or thin, but no. Oh my gosh! Actually, I went to Pandayan Bookshop to buy Wattpad books that will be in cinemas soon and I heard that Size Matters is one of them. Without reading the caption at the back, I immediately grab it. When I was riding home, that’s the time when I knew that it is an erotic romance comedy book. I don’t know if I have to expose the story here. I don’t have the guts to tell. I’ll just give a hint. The next physical appearance that comes into your mind aside from my thoughts when you heard the title – that’s it!

As I said, it’s an erotic romance comedy book. But I hope that the writer balanced the eroticism, the romance and the comedy. I noticed that it focused more on eroticism and comedy, not in romance. Yes, it’s a love story between Valentina and Suzuki, but I never witnessed some sweetness between the two. They love each other, but their love wasn’t described well. Their funny sexual desire are the only things shown in their hearts and in the book.

I also noticed that the eroticism was too much to the point that all of the characters in the story are into it. The author illustrate the protagonist’s character as no-thoughts-about-sex person but this description was contrast to Valentina’s actions. Aside from Valentina, Suzuki’s grandmother, who should be a good model because of her role, also acts and thinks dirty. And even the people that surrounds them and has no connection to their lives, for example, their condominium’s guard, were described as smutty. Does this book shows that the world now, or maybe someday, revolves around sex?

So yeah, it has less romance and more eroticism. Good thing that it has the right amount of comedy. From the first page of the book until the last, I didn’t stopped laughing. The author’s joke was originally made and they’re really havey! However, please bear in mind that these ratings of the three genres, erotic, romance and comedy, was just for me. I know, others have different perspective about the book since some people prefer comedy and erotic over romance. So for those persons, I know they’re gonna love the book.

Let’s now talk about how the story was made. I don’t like yet I don’t hate the writing style. It’s kinda messy. It seems that the writer was just writing and writing without minding if the details were properly disseminated. Perhaps, the thought of making his readers happy was enough. And I must say that he is effective in making he’s readers happy. The background of the characters was also new to me. It’s my first time to hear a story about a writer. Awesome!

Despite all of my critics which I am sorry for, the thing I loved the most was the lesson of the story which is about love. That was unexpected because I said that the story talks less about love but the lesson was about love. Size Matters concludes that heart is the basis of love, not physical appearance, including size.

To Soju, thank you for sharing such a great story. You and your book deserves the success you have now. I salute you!

Size Matters book cover