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In my four-month vacation, there’s only three applications that I played in my tab. First and my most time is lent on Clash of Clans. It’s easy to see why people love it for years. But the problem is that I cannot play it without WiFi and when my builders are busy, at the same time, my storage are full, I have nothing to do with it anymore. So during those times, the remaining two games are opened on my tab – Candy Crush Soda Saga, because my goal there is to complete all the levels and Smash Hit, which what we’ll have today.

Recently, we’ve noticed that endless-runner games – Follow the Line, Piano Tiles, Circle, Flappy Bird- were the games sitted at the top of the free App Store chart. I don’t know why mobile users, including me, can’t get enough of such games even though the only work we have to do is to tap. It seems boring but no, it’s actually challenging because these games make simple taps difficult. Well, among these applications, Smash Hit won’t let itself be left behind. In fact, it’s the one sitted at the App Store throne right now. Hmm? What does Smash Hit really do to its players? And what kind of challenge does it give?

My first answer – it lets you break glasses by throwing metal balls. So if you want to smash something, this is the perfect game for you. But please, don’t smash your mobile phone while breaking the glass. Just like most endless-runner games do, it works only by tapping. The players have to tap the the glass that blocks their way so that it will break for them to move forward. Their objective is to progress as far as they can before they run out of metal balls to throw. Aside from hitting the glass obstacles, the players also have to hit the the crystals for it adds balls to their supplies. That’s it! I mean, no, the instruction was it. But the challenge was not yet it.

As I said a while ago, the game makes simple taps hard. The farther as it goes, the more challenging yet exciting it is. Every stages have different designs of glasses. It has over 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles and realistic glass-breaking mechanics in every stage. The game has wonderful visuals that make me sometimes think why should I break such beautiful glasses that stand in my way. Its music and audio effects that changes to suit each stage and obstacle entertains me even more. All of these features keeps me playing it for hours.

smash hit stages

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What admires me the most is that apart from this game enhancing the player’s focus, concentration, and timing, it feels like we’re in school learning Physics. Before throwing balls into the target, we should still measure if the distance was just right to hit the glasses perfectly. So if you want some fun taking a surreal journey through an otherworldly dimension, and for parents, if you want your kids to sharpen their skills, choose the right application. Choose Smash Hit!

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