stack review

Ketchapp is like a ketchup. It turns every face into a smiley face. Yes, Ketchapp – the mobile game publishing company that developed 2048, Circle, Don’t Touch the Spikes, ZigZag and many more outstanding games. And this time, once again, they released a game that flicks in every mobile phones. And yes, I’m talking about Stack, an app wherein the only thing players should do, as it name says, is to stack up blocks. Now, it came to my realization that I’ve been stacking up blocks for months. If this is a job of mine, stacking blocks, then probably, I’m a millionaire by now.

Just like most Ketchapp games, the goal in Stack is very simple – to set a score that’s equal on the number of blocks the player was able to stack and to beat that high score or your friend’s high score. Sounds easy? Yes? But what if I say that the blocks you’re going to place are moving side to side and you should tap it in the perfect spot so that it’s aligned to the tower. If you’re not able to align it, then the excess block floating will drop off making the top of your tower and the next block to place smaller. As you run up your score, the blocks will go faster and faster, ruining the timing of your taps. Still sounds easy, right? Upon reading the mechanics and watching my friends play, that’s what it seems – easy. However, when I started playing, I only stack up to five to ten blocks. Shocks! It takes some practice to beat my friend’s high score.

What makes it more amazing is the vibrant color of the blocks which builds a beautiful tower. I love the new textures but I don’t use them since it decreases my focus on arranging the blocks. Apart from the things I see, the sound is pretty good, too. Every perfect tap gives the player notes such as do, re and mi, depending on how many perfect taps he got consecutively. If a player finished the whole do-re-mi which composes of eight perfect taps, the next block will grow in size.

stack towers

So far, the highest tower that I achieved in this game is made up of 140 blocks. It took me a lot of concentration, a lot of heart skips, a lot of rant to my friends so that won’t disturb me and a lot of screams whenever I fail to reach this though I know that this isn’t enough compared to those avid player of Stack. Aside from the round where I got my highest score, I have two more favorite rounds. On the round where I got a score of 116, I feel proud to straighten the tiniest block continuously making it grow again while on the round where I got a score of 79, I was able to center the widest block 53 times successively! Oh! I just can’t put this game down.

Ane King playing stack