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Steps To You is a love story of a guy, who just ended his relationship with his girlfriend, and a girl who helped him win her back. So, basically, the book started with a break up scene which honestly delights me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not bitter. I was just happy because this kind of introduction on Wattpad is fresh to me. We know how cliche Wattpad stories are, right? They may not usually start like this but it flows like this.

When Leo and Ariel broke up because of Ariel’s new boyfriend, Leo attempted to do suicide but a stranger named Autumn pulled him back as he was about to fall from the rooftop of their school’s building. She told him not to waste his life because there are people out there who do everything just to prolong their lives, including her sister who is suffering from a serious illness. She also helped Leo win Ariel back through the ten steps she made. When Leo and Autumn already completed half of the steps and saw a hint of success in winning Ariel back, Autumn’s sister died. Since Autumn has nothing left with, Leo tried to comfort her. Most of the time, he’s with her leaving Ariel really jealous. She realized that she’s still in love with Leo and confessed. Autumn thought that this is Leo’s chance to be with Ariel again so she insisted Leo to follow Ariel and stay away from Autumn. Leo and Ariel were in a relationship again while Autumn tried her best to avoid the two because she’s already in love with Leo and she didn’t want to get hurt while seeing them happy together. After weeks, Leo realized that he is not as happy as before. He always thinks of Autumn and misses her while he’s with Ariel, making him believe that he is already love with Autumn. So during Christmas night, he explained everything to Ariel and confessed his love to Autumn, who also responds him love. From steps to Ariel, the list became steps to you, Autumn.

My favorite part was when Autumn heard a boy singing carols outside her apartment during the night of Christmas. Even though she was alone, she laughed because his voice was out of tune. When she was about to treat the boy, she saw Leo outside the gate singing and saying, “Hindi aginaldo ang kailangan ko kundi ang pagmamahal mo.” Oh! Isn’t that sweet? Even though I know that this kind of ending will come, I felt my tears fall down to my cheek.

The story is just simple. It’s so cliche and the scenes are predictable. I actually see a combination of Sadist Lover and Operation: Break The Casanova’s Heart on this. But I didn’t mind these stuff anymore because I’m enjoying the tale. I love that it’s direct to the point and compacted with huge and important scenes, unlike the usual Wattpad books that has unnecessary scenes. Plus, it has good lessons to tell about the importance of life and love. And plus, we can all relate to this since it’s realistic.

Here’s a trivia. Did you know that the one who wrote Steps To You is the author of Diary ng Panget? I know! I didn’t know that Denny has this side on writing because I’m used to her humorous books. But Steps To You is totally different. As she said in her acknowledgment, it’s an effective and well-organized combination of everything – comedy, drama, romance, friendship, family and studies. From pure comedy to this combo real quick! I admire the author, and of course the book, because of this.

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