Sticking To One Brand


There are two types of people in this world – those who are used to changes and those who are not. Well, there’s nothing bad about the two and it doesn’t measure the open-mindedness of a person since it’s part of his or her personality. It’s just that people who prefer changes want to try new things while people who doesn’t prefer changes already put trust to that certain thing. I belong to the group whose members are not used to changes, especially when it comes to products. I always think that I’m already comfortable with this brand so why do I have to change, right? So whenever I go to the grocery, I already know what to pick. And I’m actually here to share what are those brands.


Soap: Johnson’s Baby Soap


Please emphasize the word baby because for my skin, Johnson’s soap and Johnson’s baby soap are completely different thing. My skin is so sensitive that even Johnson’s regular soap can’t maintain the smoothness of my skin. Only their baby soap can do that. From then on, I didn’t change my soap.


Shampoo: Palmolive


I already tried different shampoos before but when I started to use Palmolive, the violet one, I received wonderful compliments about my hair, especially about its odor. In all honesty, I, myself, can’t catch that pleasant smell they are telling so I don’t know why people around me can’t resist my hair’s fragrance. I just decided to continue using Palmolive.


Vinegar: Datu Puti


I’m wondering how buyers choose the brand of vinegar they want since they all just taste similarly. The same goes to myself. I’m wondering why I’m in favor of Datu Puti among the other vinegar. Maybe, it’s merely because my personality of not trying new things is really dominant that I would stick to the vinegar that I first tasted.


Banana Ketchup: UFC


If you think that my reasons for choosing the first three products I presented are quite unacceptable, when it comes to banana ketchup, I have a strong reason why I choose UFC. Other brands of ketchup are not that thick, which seems that they’re more composed of water than the sauce itself. This gives me an assumption that I’m wasting my money if I don’t choose UFC.


Hotdog: Purefoods Tender Juicy


Why is Tender Juicy my favorite hotdog? Simple! It’s delicious. It’s name perfectly describes itself since their hotdogs are absolutely tender, and at the same time, juicy. Purefoods already proved that not just to me, but also to everyone, regardless if they are kids or adults. I love their cheesedogs by the way.


Sanitary Napkin: Whisper


Whisper is my savior during my red days! Oops! Did I just reveal a secret of mine? It’s not something to keep anyway. But since I’m tackling Whisper now, may I add a comment about this product? I hate their Whisper Ultra because it won’t attach on my underwear properly. Instead, it sticks to me whenever I pull my underwear down. So annoying!


Food Storage: Lock & Lock


As what the famous saying tells us, mother knows best, especially when it’s about kitchen needs. If my mom prefers storing our food on a Lock & Lock plastic, I also do the same. I’m not forced. Actually, I claim it also as the best food storage. I love how it secures our food. It doesn’t spill food. It keeps our food fresh, odor-free and organized.


Pencil: Mongol


Oh yes! Their tagline in this photo is true! Mongol is Filipino’s most preferred pencil brand! From grade school up to now that I’m in college, the class has a common pencil. Mongol owns the crown. However, that’s only for pencils. When it comes to pens and crayons, I don’t stick to one brand. But Mongol’s crayons and pens are also good.


Communication Services: Smart Communications


Honestly, I’m not allowing myself to use any other communication services in the Philippines aside from Smart Communications because it seems like a violation for my parents since they are the provincial distributor of the said brand in Oriental Mindoro. So you have to expect that I’m a Smart, Talk n’ Text or Sun user when you’ll get my number.


Mobile Phone: Iphone


If you already read my blog post, The Evolution of my Cellphone, maybe you’ll be confused why Iphone is here since it’s evident in that post that I already used different brands of mobile phones and it was just recently when I started using Iphone. Well, yeah, my first Iphone was bought last January. But that’s the time when I decided that I should stick to this brand.

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