Since Xian Gaza and his billboard proposal to Erich Gonzales is the topic of my social media feeds today, let’s have a throwback on one of the movies of Erich. Kidding! I didn’t mean to watch Suddenly It’s Magic on a day when Xian was invading the entertainment news. It was purely coincidence. I just missed the old Filipino films so I scanned through our DVD shelf and chose to rewatch this film starred by Erich Gonzales and Mario Maurer. As you can see in photo above, I first caught this movie when it was showing in theaters. And I must say that it was still fun to watch after a few years.

Let me first give you a little background about the movie. I know quite a lot about this since I was a fan of Mario. Yes! Erich’s leading man in this flick is the one and only Mario Maurer. He is a Thai model and actor who is best known by Filipinos for his lead role in First Love, which is known as Crazy Little Thing Called Love here in the Philippines. Due to the impact of the Thai movie to the Filipinos, he became popular in the country which results to the creation of a local movie with Erich. What can I say? Simple! Erich is so lucky.

Going to the flick itself, Suddenly Its Magic is a love story between a Thai actor named Marcus and Joey, a Filipino cake designer and baker. Prior to their meeting, they both suffered broken hearts. Joey was dumped at the altar while Marcus was cheated by his on-screen partner and real-life girlfriend. Desperate to escape the media frenzy about his love life and career, he planned to go to the Philippines. There, he met Joey who was also determined to move on. They shared their life stories and found themselves drawn to each other’s passion. In love once again, he invited her to join him in Thailand. But their love was opposed by Marcus’ fans, who were desperate to see him reunite with his ex-girlfriend, and by his overprotective mother.

In this scene, I was surprised to see Baifern Pimchanok playing the role of Marcus’ ex-girlfriend. Baifern, alongside Mario, gained her fame here since she is one-half of the couple in Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Star Cinema really grabbed the opportunity to get these two stars for the Suddenly It’s Magic. Cool! Nyeeeaaaam!

As expected, Mario and Baifern did their role very well. Their performances were commendable ever since Crazy Little Thing Called Love. And I’m glad that Erich was able to level with these two foreign celebrities. Their acting was effective in making me fall in love with them and jive with their emotions.

However, it’s shameful that the plot remains to be a story we commonly see in Philippine films. Even though you let foreign characters join the film, if the plot stays sluggish or cliche, that flick won’t still be qualified for international levels. I hope they put more heart and effort to the story line because for sure, Thai watched the movie as well.

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